What is Meraki Cloud?

Meraki is a Greek word that means to give something of yourself to whatever you do. It is a Greek term that means to do your work with heart or soul. Cisco Meraki is taking this meaning to a whole other level. It offers a global platform that simplifies infrastructure management, which is helping businesses grow and become more efficient. Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed, software-defined networking platform that can be used by small, medium and large businesses.
Meraki combines the best Cisco networking protocols and best practices with an extremely user-friendly administration experience. It can be accessed from any web browser. A well-designed web management platform combined with quality-engineered network devices delivers high-performance network results, and reduces operational overhead for IT departments. Meraki helps small network teams improve their effectiveness by simplifying deployment, improving security, and increasing incident response efficiency. Let’s look at the basics of Meraki cloud network and how to get started with Meraki in your company.
Software-Defined Networking for Everyone
Software-defined networking is a new trend that began in the converged information center. It serves the dynamic needs of large public cloud providers and private infrastructure service providers. Software-defined networking configuration’s dynamic nature allows for wide-area orchestration and security policies as well as traffic flow rules.
Software-defined networking has been a standard operating model for large-scale network infrastructure since the beginning. This operating model was not available commercially to smaller businesses or companies that operate internal-only networks before Meraki was created in 2006. Meraki was founded with the mission of making the internet available to everyone using mesh networking. They quickly shifted to helping businesses that required a simple way to deploy corporate networks reliably and predictably.
Legos for IT Admins
Cisco Meraki is, in many ways Cisco Meraki is the Legos of corporate networks. There are well-defined architectural references that show how the parts fit together. You can also buy standard parts. Meraki allows administrators to create networking configurations with a user interface in cloud. The configuration is applied automatically when the devices are connected to an internet connection. There is no need to set up the device beforehand. Administrators can make any changes to the configuration at any time. The devices will then follow their lead and obey all their commands.
Cloud-Native Devices
Cisco Meraki offers a variety of business networking products. These products can be used to build any type of infrastructure, including data centers and small office home offices (SOHO), large campuses and retail spaces. Meraki currently offers the following devices:
Meraki MR Wireless
Meraki MS Switches
Meraki MX Security Appliances, Routers
Meraki SM Enterprise Mobility Management
Meraki MV Security Cameras
Meraki Sensors
Meraki MG Wireless WAN

These devices can be used to cover all points of enterprise networking. They can be used to create core routing and switching as well as campus distribution, data center, data center, and indoor and outdoor wireless networks. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Meraki system.
Networks and Organizations
When you first create a Cisco Meraki account at dashboard.meraki.com, you will be prompted to create two types of constructs:
These organizations represent businesses.
Networks are sites or branches that represent sites.
MSPs and large enterprises may have multiple organizations, but most companies will have one. Multiple networks can be created within an organization. These networks may represent different branches or buildings. You can add devices to each network, such as switches, security appliances, and access points.