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It is essential that an association uses new methods of working in order to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world of technology and internet. DevOps is a way to mold software processes when done correctly. It creates value for both employees and customers. This also leads to an increase in business performance. DevOps can be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. This allows companies to streamline the communication between developers and operations. This makes them more productive.
This has caused a shift in the demand to obtain DevOps certifications. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 DevOps. Let’s start with DevOps certifications.
DevOps certification is important
DevOps Certification can be a recognized certificate that certifies your competitive abilities and knowledge to become a DevOps expert. A certification in DevOps will increase your chances of landing a job. DevOps is consistently ranked among the highest-paying occupations. Here are some benefits that DevOps specialists would enjoy.
A certification will improve your resume. This will lead to better job opportunities
Candidates will improve their skills and knowledge after being certified as DevOps professionals.
Higher salaries will be achieved if you have better job roles than your peers.
You’ll not only be able to improve your skills and knowledge, but you will also experience an increase in productivity and effectiveness.
You will not only benefit yourself but your organisation as well by creating, running, and securing new applications.
Top DevOps Certifications
Changes are part of daily life. IT sector is also subject to change. Everyone must adapt and stay on the same page. Employers are looking for people who can adapt to these large shifts and offer DevOps benefits. DevOps requires knowledge in Linux system management, DevOps tools and cloud computing. These abilities are well-known by the certification provider, which has led to a high demand for DevOps Certification. We’ve compiled a list with the most popular DevOps certifications to help you advance your career in this field.
AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional
Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Certification Examination
Kubernetes Certification
Docker Certified Associate
Puppet Professional Certification
CompTIA Linux+
Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation
These are the top DevOps certifications for starting your career, according to our experts. We won’t leave you with only half the information. Now it’s time for you to see each certification in a wider light.
1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional
The DevOps Certification market has yet to mature. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam is a good example of this. AWS is undisputedly the market leader in certifications. AWS DevOps engineer Professional certification tests a candidate’s technical skills and ability to maintain and operate distributed systems on AWS. The candidate must also have significant experience in operating systems administration and building automated infrastructures. The exam can be taken in English, Japanese Korean, Korean, and Chinese.
Exam Details:
Registering Fee: USD 300
Exam Duration: 170 Minutes
Type of Question: 40-65 MCQs
Course outline:
SDLC Automation (22%)
Configuring Management and Infrastructure with Code (19%)
Monitoring and Logging (15%)
Policies and Standards Automation (10%)
Incident and Event Response (18%)
High Availability, Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery (16%)
2. Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam
Microsoft Azure is a top cloud platform, just like AWS or the Google Cloud Platform. It offers a wide range of services including web servers and file storage servers, virtual machine, email servers, databases, user directory, and many other. Combining Azure with DevOps speeds up the entire process of DevOps, making deployments more efficient and reliable. The certification is therefore ranked among the top DevOps Certifications. It is highly regarded by professionals.

The Azure DevOps Engineer Specialist certification is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge and expertise as a professional in Azure DevOps. They will be proficient in the following tasks:
Implementing best practices in DevOps for version control.
Azure technologies allow you to build, release, comply, test, and implement infrastructure as code.
Exam Details
Prerequisite: Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Developer Associate
Registering Fee: $165
Exam Duration: 170 Minutes
Question Type: 40-60MCQs
Course outline:
First, design a DevOps strategy
Secondly, implementing DevOps development processes
Continual integration follows.
Also, continuous delivery
Not to mention the application infrastructure
Further, dependency management
Continuous feedback is also important.
3. Kubernetes Certification
Kubernetes, an open-source container management software, is available. It is a fusion between the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation that automates the process of deploying and managing multicontainer applications. Kubernetes, which is a top DevOps tool, allows the DevOps team keep up with the requirements for software development and executes it as a major player in the world of DevOps certificates.
The same goes for certification. There are two options. These include:
Firstly, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
Secondly, Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
– CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
The CKA certification evaluates the