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Amazon Web Services (AWS), with its innovative services and technology is growing rapidly in the world cloud computing. It has also been one of the fastest-growing and most profitable tech companies in the last few years. This has led to a surge in demand for professionals and those just starting out in cloud computing. AWS offers many certificates, but the most popular is the Cloud Practitioners certification. This certification is key to gaining access to Amazon Web Services and a secure future. This exam can open up a world of opportunities for you.
One thing that can cause problems is the interview process for a job in a top company. Many people fail the interview process even though they pass the exam. This blog will discuss the top interview questions for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. It will also help you in the hiring process.
Interview Questions for AWS Cloud Practitioners
It’s time for you to crack the interview. Companies in the Fortune 1000 seek people with AWS skills from all over the globe. To help you prepare for the interview, here are the top questions.
What is AWS in cloud computing and what does it mean?
Amazon Web Services (AWS), is Amazon’s Cloud computing platform. It also offers a combination service that includes software as a services (SaaS), platform and infrastructure (IaaS), and software as an service (PaaS).
What are the different components of AWS?
These are the components of AWS:
EC2 – Elastic Compute cloud
Route53 – Simple Storage Service, S3
EBS – Elastic Block Store
What is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud?
Amazon EC2 service, also known as Amazon Elastic Comput Cloud, provides customers with a resizable computing capacity that can be scaled while using the cloud. EC2 service allows clients to launch as many virtual server as they wish. The client can also manage storage and configure security in each of these virtual server.
What are the benefits of Amazon EC2?
This service is faster and easier than others.
It is also flexible and scalable.
It is highly available.
It is also cost-effective.
What is Amazon3?
Amazon S3 is a Simple Storage Service that lets you store and retrieve unlimited data from any location on the internet. S3 also offers a “pay-as-you go” billing option.
What is AWS Cloud Certification?
AWS Certification by Amazon Web Services allows IT professionals to gain cloud experience by passing one or more exams provided by the public cloud provider. AWS certifications allow IT professionals to demonstrate and validate their cloud technical skills and knowledge.
Are AWS and Azure similar?
Amazon Web Service (AWS), a cloud service, was introduced by Amazon. Azure is a cloud service offered by Microsoft. Both cloud services help businesses grow by offering services in multiple domains, such as network, storage and compute. AWS is a simple storage option that is widely considered to be the most reliable. Azure uses storage block bob to store data. AWS can be used for IaaS, a wide variety of services, and Azure for PaaS or window integration.
What is the best way to secure your data in the cloud
Cloud computing security is crucial. It is essential that clients’ data is not stolen by any individual or organization. The best way to secure information is to segregate it and then encrypt it using one of the options.
What are the various services offered by Amazon cloud computing
AWS offers the following services:
Firstly, PaaS. It stands for Platform as a Service.
Secondly, IaaS. It is Infrastructure as a Service.
SaaS stands for Software as a Service.
What is AWS Cloud Economics Center?
Amazon Web Services offers Cloud Economics Center, which allows you to purchase and use infrastructure on demand to pay only what you consume. This also means that more money is returned to the business, which leads to more innovation and faster explanations.
What do you know about AWS Pricing?
AWS pricing offers a pay as you go pricing model for more than 160 cloud services. AWS allows you to only pay for the services you use. This doesn’t require any long-term commitments nor complicated licenses.
What are the AWS Use Cases
Amazon Web Services offers a complete range of cloud computing services, including Use Cases. This allows you to create complex and scalable applications. Cloud computing services are used by hundreds of thousands of clients in many industries, including media, finance, insurance, education, and healthcare. Enterprise IT, gaming and Big Data, as well as web & social applications, are all possible.
What is AWS Cloudwatch and how can it help you?
Cloudwatch is a monitoring tool that allows you to monitor AWS resources such as health check, network, application, and so on.
Can you name different types of cloudwatches?
Cloudwatch offers only two types of monitoring: basic and detailed. The detailed monitoring is charged extra for basic monitoring.
Describe the cloudwatch metrics available for EC2 instances.
The cloudwatch me