Top 10 Cloud Certifications to Launch Your Cloud Career in 2022

Most businesses didn’t trust their customer and business data being stored in another cloud data store until about a decade ago. Security and ease of access were the main issues, but this old school of thought is now obsolete with the rapid development and acceptance of cloud-based systems that are safer, more reliable, and easier to use.
This transformation has been largely driven by fintech and has led to huge success for service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. All of this cloud migration has resulted in a significant rise in software development for applications that connect business information to processors and storage in the public cloud systems. This sector is seeing more job opportunities. A new generation of people must learn how to create cloud architectures and services that are safe and reliable.
Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Cloud Certifications for Your Cloud Career in 2022.
Top 10 Cloud Certifications
These are the best Cloud certifications to help you get an edge over others.
1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
This certificate will allow candidates to demonstrate their skills in four areas: designing resilient architectures; designing high-performing architectures; designing secure applications and architectures; and designing cost-optimized architecturals. AWS recommends that candidates have previous hands-on experience using their storage services, as well as a thorough understanding of their global infrastructure and security features.
Time taken to complete 65 questions
2. Google Professional Cloud Architect
The exam tests your ability to design cloud solutions architecture and manage infrastructure. It also assesses your ability to design for security and compliance and build for reliability in operations. Google recommends that you have at least three years of industry experience, with one year of Google Cloud management.
It takes 120 minutes to complete
3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
Candidates who complete this certificate will have the ability to manage, monitor, and implement an organization’s Azure environment. Microsoft recommends that candidates have at least six months of experience as Azure administrators and a solid understanding of its services and workloads. Additionally, test takers should have experience with PowerShell and Azure CLI, Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager templates, and Azure portal.
Time:120 minutes, 40-60 questions
4. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator–Associate
Test passers will demonstrate the ability to implement cloud initiatives within AWS environments. AWS recommends a minimum of one-year of experience with AWS technology. Additional experience is required in managing, deploying and operating workloads on AWS, as well as in implementing security controls and managing compliance.
Time taken to complete 65 questions
5. CompTIA Cloud+
This test validates your ability to deploy and automate secure cloud environments. Areas of focus include cloud architecture and design, operations and support,additionally, cloud security, troubleshooting, and cloud deployment. CompTIA certifications are not tied to any particular vendor and are universally applicable. CompTIA recommends that you have two to three years experience in networking or systems administration.
Duration:90 minutes, 90 questions
6. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
The test measures cloud fluency and knowledge about AWS infrastructure. AWS recommends that you have at least six months of experience with AWS Cloud. You should also have a basic understanding and knowledge of IT in the AWS Cloud context. This certification is also a foundational level.
Time:90 minutes, 65 questions
7. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
The focus areas include Azure management tools and core solutions; security and network security features; identity and governance; and Azure const management. This certification is also an entry-level one. Microsoft recommends that you have a basic understanding of cloud services.
Time:85 minutes, 40-60 questions
Cost: $99
8. CCSP–Certified Cloud Security Professional
Candidates who pass must demonstrate advanced technical skills in managing secure data and design. It is recommended that test-takers have at least five years of IT experience and three years in information security.
Duration: Three hours, 125 questions
Cost: $599
9. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer
This test measures your ability to design, implement, operate, secure, monitor, and monitor data processing system. Google recommends that you have at least three years of industry experience, including one with managing Google Cloud services.
Time taken to complete. 50 questions
Cost: $200
10. VMWare Cloud Management and Automation 2022 – Professional
This test demonstrates your ability to administer VMWare vRealize in order to automate keydatacenterprocesses. VMWare recommends that you complete your prior Technical Associate certification.
Duration:145 minutes, 60 questions
Cost: $450
Resources for Preparation
It is important to create a study plan and cover all the required study resources before you take any exam. Below, we will discuss some resources that can help with any exam.
Study Groups and Online Tutorials – It is important to interact with others who share similar life goals. Participating in study group is a great way of immersing yourself in the certification exam you applied for. These groups will keep your informed about any updates or changes to the exam. Further information