Three Questions to Ask Before You Switch to Project Management Tools

It takes time, effort, and money to switch project management tools.
It can open doors to new opportunities or cause disaster in your company.
First, make sure you and your team agree on how to make the big switch. It’s important to agree that the current system doesn’t meet your needs and that you want a better one.
Surveying each member of your team is the best way to find out. These are the three most important questions to ask about your organization’s system.
1. Is it a hindrance to your ability to complete your projects on-time and within budget?
Are you prone to miss or extend deadlines? Are you frustrated with backlogged tasks, stalled projects, and hundreds upon hundreds of post-its that are clogging your company’s cork board?
Any organization that lacks visibility and communication can fail to deliver on its promises. This can result in lost opportunities, angry stakeholders and clients, and miscommunication within your team.
A project management tool is a great way to prevent these things from happening. It centralizes communication and gives you full visibility into the progress of your project.
2. Is it faulty
It is possible that you are not receiving in-app notifications on a timely basis, which could cause you to miss important tasks. Or, the tool is poorly designed and takes only 3-5 clicks for you to create a project.
Do not waste your time on a tool that makes it difficult to get work done, especially if the company behind it doesn’t plan to improve the product in the near future.
3. Does it not meet your project management requirements?
It is equally important to assess if your current project management software can handle the demands of your team. You might consider purchasing an app that supports the features you require to get the job done.
Our experience has shown that many of our customers want features such as time tracking, cross platform sync, API and additional file formats for import and export.
These questions will help you determine if it’s time for a change. Discuss your needs with your team members and discuss any issues that may be preventing progress. Also, discuss what you want in the next PM tool.
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