SPOTO trainer John Munjoma presents a new course, Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security (MS-101). This intermediate training consists of 70 videos. It covers the knowledge systems engineers need for evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, managing and maintaining Microsoft 365 services. With a special focus on security and mobility, John Munjoma is a SPOTO trainer. This new Microsoft System Administration training is available. An associate in desktop administration who focuses on security can ensure that modern device services are properly implemented, that Microsoft 365 security is enabled and that compliance and governance are set up. This training prepares associates to focus on mobility and security on Microsoft 365 networks. This 11-part series covers topics like managing modern device services, implementing Mobile Device Management and Conditional Access Policies, Windows 10 deployments, as well as how to navigate Microsoft 365 security and threat management tools. Watch a video of the series: This series covers the following topics: Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and compliance Managing Device Compliance Plan Windows 10 Deployment Plan Microsoft Cloud Application Security Manage Security Alerts and Reports Manage Search and Investigation Implement Information Protection Plan and Data Loss Prevention. Topics include: Creating DLP policies Configuring Microsoft Store for business Configure Microsoft Store for Business Configure Microsoft AD Integration Creating Compliance Assessments Configuring Windows Information Protection. Download