Security in the Enterprise

Security in the Enterprise
Course Review: Security in the Enterprise
Security in the Enterprise is another popular course, which is taught by Simon May and Erdal Ozkaya. This course is designed for people who want to learn more about cybercriminals. Security professionals know that hackers are a good way to learn how to protect your organization. In this course, our duo of experts guides students through the ever-changing and increasingly-sophisticated virtual battlefield of enterprise security. This course offers tips, tricks, as well as very practical advice for better protecting your system.
Get a better understanding the security landscape
These are the topics covered in this course:
Although there are no prerequisites for this course, it does have a Level 200 status. This course is for IT professionals with at minimum six months experience. It is worth 66 points and takes approximately five hours. It consists of six modules and six assessments exams. This course is rated 4 stars out of 5.
Erdal is an IT Security Guru who has business development and management skills. He focuses on IT Auditing and Penetration Testing and shares his real life skills as a Lecturer/Trainer. He is currently the Chief Information Security Officer of EMT, a specialist distributor of IT security products.
Erdal holds the following qualifications: Master of Information Systems Security, Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T. ), MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Lead Consultant, ISO27001 Consultants, Master of Information Systems Security (M.I.S), Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T. ), Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Ethical Instructor and Licenced Permeation Tester. He is a Charles Sturt University lecturer and is currently completing his Doctor of Philosophy in IT Security.
May is a Technical Engineer and Enterprise Device Infrastructureist at Microsoft. He is an author and speaker. He is passionate about Windows, Microsoft Client, Cloud technologies, and is a frequent speaker.
It is vital to be able defend your system and prevent attacks these days. This is true for both individuals and large businesses. Data is everywhere. IT security personnel must ensure that it is safe and secure. Microsoft offers a variety of tools to help you stay secure. These training courses will help you harness the power of these tools and keep your business safe and healthy.
Although no one can guarantee security, these techniques and resources can reduce the likelihood of theft and attack. Who can stop identity thieves and hackers from stealing confidential information? You are. These courses are a “heads-up” for those who want to stay on top and be ready.
MVA offers courses on security in a cloud-centered environment, advanced Microsoft Azure features, as well as security in Office 365. The best practices and techniques to protect your company’s data are being taught by industry leaders.
Are you familiar with the work of cybercriminals? This cybersecurity course will provide you with valuable insight. IT professionals know that the threat landscape for computer attacks is constantly changing. This means that sophisticated attacks are becoming more common against your organization’s infrastructure. Meet experts on social media platforms and learn how they work. Get practical advice and tips on security in social networking. Learn how to create a secure baseline, how to protect your Windows Enterprise architectures, and applications from advanced attacks like pass-the-hash, and what system patching can do. Learn how Microsoft operating systems and tools can help increase your organization’s security.
Security Landscape of Today and Tomorrow
Learn how the computer threat landscape changes and how more sophistries are being used.