Review: uCertify’s PMI-RMP Prepkit

This is a review of the PMI-RMP Prepkit Course Version 5. It was first published in 2018.

You should purchase study materials if you plan to take the PMI Risk Management Professional(PMI-RMP). PMI recommends that you review self-study materials in addition to the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management.
There are many study tools on the market. uCertify offers an online ‘prepkit’ that boasts a 97% pass rate. I examined the tools more closely.
The basics
Downloadable? No.PDUs? I couldn’t find any. Once you have reached a readiness level at 90%, a certificate of completion will be issued. You can get a free sample Yes.
The ebook covers all four areas of the exam and it is simple to use.
Risk communication
Risk analysis
Risk response planning
Risk governance.

You can search for topics and annotate them. Each chapter ends with a section called the “next steps”, which points you to the appropriate flashcards, exercises, quizzes and exercises. To jump between chapters, you can also use keyboard shortcuts.
Take the pre-course assessment. This will allow you to assess your knowledge about risk management. I scored a shocking 60% on the questions about risk governance. This gave me direction as to where I should focus my efforts if the exam was difficult.
My score on the pre-assessment testTests and assessment
This training course has a great assessment feature. The test history and performance analytics module allow you to review your study habits and determine how long you have been studying. You can also create a study plan. Based on how much work you have done, the study planner will calculate if you are able to meet your exam date and make it available.
Test Analytics HomepageThere are many built in quizzes, including flashcards, that you can use to self-evaluate. An exercise has 140 questions, while a quiz is 30 minutes long. You can choose to take a quiz, or an activity in ‘learn mode and then go back and review the answers. To see how you do, you can take it in a “test” mode. The test takes 120 minutes, regardless of how many questions you answer. You can manually adjust the time for each test to beat the clock and remove the pressure.
This is a cost-effective method to study for the exam. The quality of the materials impressed me as well. It would be wonderful to be able to download the course book and flash cards to study offline. It is difficult for me to read long text on a screen. However, this works well for others.
I tried my best to find ways I could improve this course but couldn’t. I didn’t expect much, as I had not heard of the company. However, I was surprised at the usefulness of the materials and believe they will help my pass the exam. This is the part that I haven’t completed yet, and I don’t have any plans to. I cannot make a final judgement on whether the prepkit alone will be enough to help me pass. If combined with the Practice Standard, it would. I would love to hear from you. If you are a PMI RMP, what preparation methods did you use?