Review: Projecturf [2009]

Today I baked some cherry tomatoes and dried them in the oven. I will keep them in olive oils for a while longer. I am sick of fresh tomato salads, but there are still plenty of them to pick if they turn red. Ansonsten, I will make my green tomato chutney once again.
Oven drying tomatoes is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming (not counting the entire ‘grow tomatoes’ task). It seemed like a good project for Projecturf to test. It didn’t work from the beginning.
Projecturf provides a dashboard that allows you to store your project summary. You can upload documents, or you can simply type it in. Save your changes and close the browser to return to the homepage, not the dashboard. I believe in eliminating clicks. Why should my team or I have to do more work than we already do?
The homepage is nice. It is easy to navigate, and the logos are clearly visible. You can also receive email alerts. Projecturf sent me emails about each task. This was annoying when I was editing it or setting it up. Email alerts are a positive feature.
Projecturf’s team seems not to have understood some key points. This software is designed for project managers in small to medium-sized businesses. Smaller businesses have fewer project managers than larger companies. This software could be useful to marketing managers who don’t have a background in project managing. It is intuitive and easy to use. It will frustrate project managers who realize that they could do better work with another tool. Projecturf cannot create my own Gantt charts. However, I can do it better than you.
The Gantt chart will not show milestones or tasks that are associated with milestones. I realized that I had to update all my tasks to link them with milestones in order for them to appear on the Gantt. Fine. It is not possible to make changes to multiple tasks simultaneously. Because milestone dates don’t automatically calculate, associating them to a task does nothing other than display them on your calendar view. First create milestones. This means that the tool can only be used for projects with fixed dates. Events and milestones do not refer to the same thing. Projecturf recommends that milestones have a start date and a due date. It is a bad practice to encourage people to add milestones that extend over several days in project management.
Gantt chart view is a little lacking. It doesn’t allow you to see the month-to view, which is not great for my cooking project. It took me only one week to pick tomatoes and dry them in the oven. Even though you wouldn’t normally use it for a short project I would prefer to be able to edit the Gantt charts to show me the time periods that I choose. It doesn’t display the dates, but only the week numbers.
Projecturf is a simplified version Windows SharePoint. It can manage design briefs and development servers, making it a great tool for creative teams. It is not a general-purpose tool for project management.
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