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Cloud computing is booming. Understanding its concepts, scope and use cases has become an important skill for representatives and non-IT personnel.
Amazon Web Services is one the most popular cloud computing services in the world. Its AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is the most important.
We are pleased to offer the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner online training course. AWS (Amazon Web Services Certification) helps learners build reliability and confidence by proving cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential. Organizations recognise skilled experts who can guide cloud initiatives using AWS.
This digital course will give the candidate a general knowledge of AWS Cloud without any technical roles. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the best entry certification for someone who is just starting out in the Cloud domain. This certification will also show that the candidate is proficient in key concepts and the AWS cloud.
It is a well-respected certification in Cloud computing. Comparisons show a significant improvement in career opportunities through the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.
What does an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner do?
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is available to candidates who are looking to excel in AWS cloud platform.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner also provides advanced solutions for cloud platforms.
It also includes the control of different operations such as storage, security, and network in AWS.
Automation is also necessary to sustain various delivery processes.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam
Cloud computing is the production of IT resources over the Internet at a high-demand price. It uses pay-as you-go pricing.
Additionally, businesses of all sizes and industries are using the cloud for a wide range of purposes, including disaster recovery, data backups, virtual desktops and email, software development, testing, customer-facing applications, and big data analysis.
Healthcare companies are using the cloud to create more personalized treatments for patients, for example.
Financial services companies are also using the cloud to manage fraud detection and blocking in real-time.
Video game creators use the cloud to offer online games to millions of users around the globe.
Who is this course for?
First, candidates who plan to become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners.
Second, for those who need a high-level summary on AWS.
Sales and Marketing are also important.
Additionally, Project managers and Business analysts.
Moreover, C-level executives.
AWS Academy students are similarly affected.
And, other IT-related professionals.
Basic Information about AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam
AWS Certified Cloud Professionals are expected to manage accounts, determine billing, technical assistance, identify sources of documentation, and pricing models. They also need to describe the basic/focus aspects involved in operating and deploying in AWS Cloud.
Let’s look at some key details about the AWS Certified Cloud Professional exam.
The exam has 65-68 questions. They are both multiple-choice or multi-response.
The exam can also be taken in English, Japanese and Korean.
Passing the exam requires 65%-75% marks. These must be obtained by the candidate in order to become certified.
The AWS Certified Cloud Professional exam takes 90 minutes. The exam costs $100 USD.
The validity of the AWS Certified Cloud Professional certificate is also 3 years.
Amazon has established rules that candidates who fail to pass any AWS certification exam must wait at least 14 days before taking the exam again.
Prerequisites for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam
Amazon killed the prerequisites in October 2018 to give candidates more flexibility.
Candidates are no longer required to hold Associate certifications before they can pursue professional certification. Additionally, there is no obligation for applicants to hold Associate certifications or Cloud Practitioners before attempting Specialty Certification.
It is highly recommended that AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners online course attendees have the following prerequisites
AWS recommends that candidates have at least six months of experience in the AWS Cloud in any managerial, technical, or financial role.
A primary understanding of IT services and applications in AWS Cloud platform is required by all applicants
Additional IT technical knowledge
Also, general IT business knowledge
Course outline
The course outline is the structure for the exam. In other words, it is the section of a column that gives information to the candidate about all domains and the topics within them.
Candidates will be able to understand the content and domains once they have completed the exam.
The domains are Cloud concepts (28%), Cloud Security (24%), Technology (36%), and Payment and Pricing (12%).
Let’s take a look at all domains briefly:
Domain 1: Cloud Concepts (28%).
Definition of the AWS Cloud and its content proposition
Also, identify the economic features of AWS Cloud economics
Here are the different cloud architecture design principles.
Domain 2: Security (24%)
The AWS Shared Responsibility model
AWS Cloud Security and Compliance Concepts
How to identify AWS access management capabilities
Also, Security Support Resources
Domain 3: Technology (36%)
Methods of operating and deploying in the AWS Cloud
How to determine the AWS global infrastructure
Understanding the core AWS services
Recognizing technology support resources
Domain 4: Billing and Pricing (12%)
Comparison and contrast of the different pricing models for AWS