Notifications in a discrete manner

ActiveCollab’s new ActiveCollab has a great addition: the Updates feed on My Work Page. This feature allows you to see the most recent updates and will update the list whenever someone comments in a discussion you are following or assigns you a task. This is a great way to keep track of all the happenings in your projects. For example, imagine your team is about release a new version. A newsletter will be sent to a large number of subscribers. The copy is ready to be converted into table-based HTML to meet the deadline and other requirements of email clients. You have an important insight you want to share with your team. You sit down to write it down. In the meantime, a colleague posts a comment on a bug fix they have pushed recently. Comment: “Awesome, works great!” This is how ActiveCollab looks: Do you notice any differences? No? It’s not because there’s a difference. Nothing on that screen indicates that an entirely irrelevant comment was made. That’s a feature. When something happens, the badge lights up to let you know. Software products are rare that pay attention to your focus and help you focus. A badge on the main menu would shout: “Hey, forget what you’re doing now and check out this! The simple (1) or the little green dot wouldn’t mean that what you’re looking at is important. It would also ignore the possibility that you are writing an important comment that will increase your newsletter’s open rate (and bring great business value). We decided to skip the badge and create the ActiveCollab in full respect of the context you are in. We won’t interrupt you if you’re reading a note. You want to leave a comment? Same, no interruption. Are you working on a task at the moment? The task is the main thing on your screen. We want to hear your opinion because we want ActiveCollab to be the most comfortable project management software on the market. We want to hear your perspective because we want to make sure that ActiveCollab is the most comfortable project management softwareon the market.Outlook image source: http://blog.dileno.com/archive/200907/save-time-through-more-productive-e-mail-management/