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FEATURESNotes to Exchange tool is embedded withthe following features that make NSF to PST Conversion, a success: Converts Domino Server mailbox accounts.
Efficiently convert NSF to PST.
Converts unlimited .NSF file(s) to .PST/Exchange.
Operates in Advanced Mode to convert multiple NSF files toPST at a time.
Supports Unicode Character Conversion.
Converts emails, contacts, journals, appointments, tasks,notes, attachments, images.
Saves converted NSF file to .PST or in existing Notes toExchange Tool profile.
Save and view converted .NSF file in HTML, Text or RTFformat.
Recreates folder structure of NSF to PST for making iteasily accessible with MS Outlook.
Preserves original formatting after migration.
Owns the Exclude “All documents” folder option to eliminatethe possibility of duplicate files.

DownloadNowFile Size: 10.23 MBAdd toCartStarting Price: $250Notes to Exchange Migration Tool for flawless NSF to PSTconversion
For user-friendly features, many peopleprefer to use Microsoft outlook for sending and receiving of emails.Users of Lotus Domino server can switch over to outlook email client ofMicrosoft exchange server but they will not be able to view their olddata in the new email account. Note to Exchange migration software isdesigned to convert the lotus mailbox data into supported file formatsof Microsoft exchange. This tool transforms the .NSF files of dominoserver in .PST format of Microsoft exchange server. The notes toexchange conversion program is mainly used by the IT support staff,technicians, students and others. Due to innovative algorithm of thisconversion utility, it can easily transform lotus notes files inpersonal storage tables of MS Exchange Server.

NSF to PST Migration can be a complextask that requires technical expertise as well as thorough knowledge ofthe process. The Domino to exchange converter is designed to minimizethe data conversion process and make it simpler.This program is suitable for theorganizations that need to migrate bulk mailbox items from Domino toExchange server. The software easily converts NSF to PST and user canaccess the old notes mailbox contents in the new email account ofexchange server. This program swiftly migrates entire mailbox contentssuch as emails, encrypted messages, contacts, drafts and calendar ofDomino server in the new file formats of MS exchange server.The converted files with this utility can be saved in PST orany other formats of MS exchange server. In order to save the migrateditems, users are required to select the requisite saving option andoffer details for selecting saving options.
Notes to Exchange tool is designed to migrate Domino Serveruser mailboxes to the exchange server. This feature benefits systemadministrators, as organizations often migrate from Lotus Notes toOutlook and feel the need to migrate Domino Server mailboxes directlyto PST or MS Exchange Server user mailboxes. The Export notes tooutlook utility searches, enlists every existing NSF file on server, andthen allows you to convert and export the data to MS Exchange mailboxor .PST file. In addition to this, NSF to PST Converter software enables a userto convert multiple mailboxes at once.
Lotus Notes Conversion Software supports Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 9.0, 8, 7, 6 and 6.0, MS Outlook 97 and above and every version of MSExchange Server for performing NSF to PST conversion. It is importantto have Lotus Notes and MS Outlook both installed on the computer whileyou are performing the Notes to Outlook migration.
There are times when a person needs to perform Lotus Notes toExchange migration quickly. Doing it manually requires more time andeffort. The user who has to perform this migration needs to havespecial skill set, whereas using the third party conversion tool comesin handy.
Export Notes to Outlook Free EvaluationVersionDomino to exchange server migration program is offered at freeof cost to ensure proper migration. You can download and install theevaluation version of this tool on your computer to assess its featuresand functions. After evaluating this trial package, user can buyproduct license from our website. The free version will allow saving offirst 10 items of each converted PST folder. To save all convertedexchange server files, individuals are required to obtain programlicense through online purchase.

Recent Post on BlogNow, convert complete Notesto Exchange files instantly! Not that Lotus Notes is a bizarreor bad email client when compared to MS Outlook, but it sounds strangeto people who do not know it. Suppose, the client you are dealing withhas Lotus Notes installed on his system and you have not worked onanything other MS Outlook on a Windows system, then it might soundAlien to you.readmore…Software Advanced FeaturesConverts Domino Server mailbox accounts.
Efficiently converts NSF to PST.
Converts unspecified number of .NSF files to personalstorage tables of MS Outlook.
Converts multiple NSF files to PST in a single go usingAdvanced Mode.
Supports Unicode Character Conversion.
Converts emails, contacts, journals, appointments, tasks,notes, attachments, images and other related email properties
Saves converted NSF file to .PST or in existing Notes toExchange Tool profile.
Enable user to Save and view converted .NSF file in HTML,Text or RTF format.
Recreates folder structure of NSF to PST for making iteasily accessible with MS Outlook
Allows excluding “All documents” folder from Lotus Notes toOutlook to eliminate the duplicity of files.
Preserves original formatting after migration.

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