New Training: Fundamental Cloud Computing Concepts

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, teaches you how to maintain a knowledge network and engage in conversations about cloud computing. He also explains industry trends and gives you the vocabulary to discuss business considerations.
This is the CompTIA training.
This course will quickly and easily explain what the cloud is, how it can be used, and whether your organization needs it. This might seem too simple or too complex for your needs. However, you might be surprised at the amount of confusion that exists in the business community about what cloud computing is, its limitations, and how it differs from traditional ones. This Fundamental Cloud Computing Concepts training will help you understand the technology and how to discuss it, regardless of whether you are a technical professional or not.
This four-part series focuses on understanding cloud platforms and their differences, as well as recognizing the unique challenges associated with transitioning from traditional IT into the cloud. It also identifies the different types of cloud such public, private, and hybrid.
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This series includes the following skills:
Explain Cloud Principles
Identify Cloud Networking Concepts
Identify Cloud Storage Technologies
Identify cloud survival patterns

This training covers the following topics:
Cloud Storage Features
Disaster Recovery
Cloud Networking Concepts
Cloud Storage Characteristics
Firewalls can filter network traffic

This training includes:
Training for 4 hours
29 videos

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