MTA 98-349 Certification can help you to boost your tech career

Microsoft is still a leader in IT certifications and software development. Microsoft has developed a variety of product portfolios and services that are essential to every business. The Microsoft certification validates the skills and knowledge required to obtain job positions in the Microsoft product and services space. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA – Windows Operating System Fundamentals) is one of the many role-based certifications offered by this prestigious vendor. Exam coded 98-349
This article will focus on the Microsoft exam 98-349. Why should you choose this path? Let’s first look at the exam.
Overview of MTA 98-349 Exam
This Microsoft exam is for professionals who want to earn a certificate. They are the administrators who have the knowledge and skills to manage, monitor, deploy and configure client apps and devices in an enterprise environment. They can also oversee policies, updates and apps, identity, access, and other aspects. The professionals can also work with Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrators to create and implement a strategy for modern IT companies’ devices. They must be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads, as well as the ability to configure, sustain, and develop non-Windows and Windows 10 technologies & gadgets.
MTA 98-349 tests certain skills. Before you can improve your chances of success, it is important to fully understand the topics covered in the exam. The certification exam will assess the applicant’s skills in the following areas.
Understanding operating system configurations (15-20%)

Installation and upgrading client systems (15-20%)

Management of applications (15-20%)

Management of files and folders (15-20%)

Managing devices (15-20%)

Understanding operating system maintenance (15-20%)

The 98-349 exam has 40-60 questions in a variety of formats. These include multiple-choice, single-choice, drag and drop, build a list, review screen, and so forth. Register with Microsoft or Pearson VUE to take this exam. The $165 fee will be charged. You must be proficient in the areas listed above to pass this certification exam. This can be achieved by choosing the right study materials.
Here are some reasons to pass the MTA 98-349 exam.
If you want to improve your career in IT, a Microsoft certification will help. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA – Windows Operating System Fundamentals) certification will give you an edge in the industry, especially if this is your first job. This section will discuss the reasons you should earn this MTA 98-349 certificate. Let’s take a closer look at them.
1. MTA 98-349 Certification brings Validation and Credibility
Many IT professionals find it difficult to get the job they want, as they lack experience and have no proof of their ability to hold the desired position. Microsoft certification gives you credibility and proves your understanding. It is a great way to start a rewarding career in IT.
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2. A Marketplace Advantage
There are many job seekers looking to change careers or find new jobs. You will be able to make your resume stand out and increase your marketability by obtaining an MTA 98-349 certificate. Hiring managers are looking for professionals with certain skills and expertise. You can prove your competency by obtaining an IT certification. You will have more job opportunities after you have earned a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Windows Operating System Fundamentals, or any other IT certification.
3. Increases your chances of promotion
It doesn’t matter if you are moving jobs to get certified. It is well-known that certification can help you move up in your current job. According to the survey, employees who have a Microsoft certification are more likely than those who don’t have it. Even if you don’t want to swizzle,