Microsoft SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Manager

Azure Active Directory is used by the Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator to plan, execute, and manage an organization’s access and identity management systems (Azure AD).
This program teaches you how to create, manage, and maintain corporate identity and access management systems using Azure Active Directory (AzureAD). It also teaches you how to manage activities such as ensuring security authentication and access to business applications.

The Identity and Access Administrator may be a single person, or a larger team. This position works in collaboration with other positions within the company to implement identity governance and modernize identity solutions.
Target Audience:
This course is for people who want to learn the skills and expertise required to work as a Microsoft Identity & Access Administrator using Azure Active Directory, and other cloud-based and related Microsoft services. This course may be of interest to:
Cloud Administrator
Professional IT Security
Microsoft Security Administrator
Network administrators
Server Administrator
Those who are looking for access and identity management solutions. This content is for people who are familiar or have had experience with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. It will help them understand how Microsoft integrates identity- and access management solutions in the cloud.
To get the most out of this course, students should follow the following steps:
Understanding Azure AD, Azure Cloud Infrastructure Terms and other terms
IT knowledge or job experience in the IT field
A general knowledge of security principles like Zero Trust, Defence in Depth and Least Authorized Access
Course Objectives
Students who complete the course will be able:
Configure and manage Azure AD roles, custom domains, system registrations, and more
To set up tenant-wide settings or delegate, use management units
You can create, maintain, and change users, classes, or licensing
Invite and manage external users in Azure Active Directory to enable collaboration
Measurable abilities
Certification tests test the ability to perform certain professional activities for a job position. Each area of research has a percentage that indicates its relative importance in the exam. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to encounter questions in that area.
Implement an identity management system – 25-30%
Implement an authentication and access management system – 25-30%
Access management for apps – 10-15%
Plan and implement an Identity Governance Strategy – 25-30%
Exam Domains
Domain 1: Implement an identity management solution
This domain will show you how to create and maintain your first Azure Active Directory installation (Azure AD). It also explains how to set up the groups, users, and external identities that you’ll need in order to run your solution. These concepts are also covered:
Configure Azure Active Directory initial configuration: This tutorial will show you how to create an initial Azure Active Directory setup. This will ensure that all Azure’s identity solutions can be used. This module explains how to set up an Azure active directory structure.
Configure, manage, and create identities: Cloud-based workloads can only be managed centrally. Each user and resource must have a unique identity. It is important to ensure that vendors and employees have the right access to complete their tasks.
Manage and implement external identities. External users should be able to access Azure tools. This is a big advantage. However, it must be done safely. Learn how to make external collaboration secure.
Implementing and managing hybrid identity can be difficult. This is because the hybrid identity solution uses the on-premises active directories. Learn how to create a secure hybrid model.
Domain 2: Implemen