Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 MB2-708 – New Course

Brian Alderman’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 MB2-708 training course is now complete! The 14-video course covers topics such configuring Dynamics CRM 2015, data management, troubleshooting Dynamics CRM, and more. This course prepares learners to take the Microsoft MB2-708 exam. Here are Brian’s thoughts on the course and his tips for getting the most from his training.
Q: Why should companies train IT staff in this technology? It is worth it. Understanding CRM 2015’s configuration and management will help you ensure that your company is fully taking advantage of its capabilities. You will learn how to plan, prepare and deploy Dynamics CRM 2015, as well as how to configure it to maximize its power, ease of use, and efficiency.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course? Dynamics CRM 2015 On Premises requires that you take several steps to ensure a safe, efficient, and available deployment of the product. Although the deployment steps are straightforward, there are several pre-installation and after-installation steps that can make a big difference in the capabilities of your Dynamics CRM deployment.
Q: Do you have any tips for students that will help them get the most out their course? Take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises free trial and plan, deploy, and configure your Dynamics CRM environment.
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Start trainingQ: What is one real-world application that you can expect to use? This course will teach you how to prepare, deploy and manage Dynamics CRM 2015 On Premises. You will be able then to implement all of its capabilities within your organization.
Q: What was your favorite Nugget? The Configuring Internet-Facing Delivery video. We love alphabet soup, and we discuss how we can make Dynamics CRM more accessible to external users.
Q: What is the one thing you hope learners will take away from this training? Confidence! Confidence will allow learners to plan, deploy, and configure their Dynamics CRM installation on-premises. They will also know that they can do this using a trial version. This means that they won’t have to buy the product unless they try it.
Here’s a sample of the course video:

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