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The AZ104: Microsoft Azure Associate professional certification exam is for candidates who are interested in gaining expertise in managing and implementing Microsoft Azure environments. This exam will test your ability to manage Azure identities and governance, deploy and manage Azure compute resources, configure virtual networking, monitor and back-up Azure resources, and configure and manage virtual networks. This exam is ideal for those who are looking to build a solid career in Microsoft.
About Microsoft AZ104 Exam
The Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Exam AZ-104 is a professional exam. It covers the following: implementing, managing and monitoring, identity, governance and storage, compute, and then virtual networks in a cloud environment. Also, it includes provisioning, size, monitoring and then adjusting resources whenever needed in an organization. A large portion of the team is also responsible for Microsoft Azure administration.
MicrosoftAZ-104Exam Format
It is easy to plan for the exam and perform better when you are clear about the format.
The Microsoft AZ-104 exam will have 40-60 questions. The exam will take 120 minutes. To attempt all questions, you must be quick.
There will also be no negative marking. You can therefore attempt all questions without difficulty.
This exam will cost $165 USD.
Also, the passing score (on a scale from 1-1000) is 700
The exam questions will be formatted as multiple-choice or multiple-response. We recommend that you use the elimination and select technique. You should eliminate all options that don’t meet your requirements and choose the best match.
Exam Outline AZ-104
This exam’s content was updated on March 26, 2021. To see the changes, please download the skills measured document.
Each question is intended to challenge your knowledge so it is important that you are thorough with the course outline. The sections covered in theMicrosoft AZ-104exam are listed below.
Module 1 – Manage Azure Identity and Governance (15-20%)
Manage Azure AD objects
Role-based access control (RBAC), can be managed
Manage subscriptions and governance
Module 2 – Implementing and managing storage (10-15%)
Storage accounts can be managed
Manage data in Azure Storage
Configure Azure files, Azure blob storage
Module 3 – Manage and deploy Azure compute resources (25-30%)
Configure virtual machines for high availability and scalability
Automated deployment and configuration of VMs
Configure and create VMs
Configure and create containers
You can also create and configure Web Apps
Module 4 – Configure, manage and monitor virtual networking (30-35%)
Virtual networking: Implement and manage it
Configure name resolution
Secure access to virtual networks
Configure load balancing
Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networks
Integrate your on-premises network and an Azure virtual network
Module 5 – Monitor Azure resources and back them up (10-15%)
Azure Monitor allows you to monitor resources
Backup and recovery are essential
For more information about the exam, visit Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Exam
Microsoft: AZ104 Exam Study Guide
Two of the most important study materials that you can use to prepare for the exam are Microsoft documentations and Instructor-led training. These are Microsoft documentations and Instructor-led learning. You should read the entire course outline carefully. This will ensure that you are fully aware of every detail of the exam. It is up to you to make the best decision about the resources. It is also a crucial part of your fate. Instructor-led training is more beneficial because you can get both basic and in-depth knowledge. Microsoft recommended two Instructor-led Trainings for Exam AZ104. These are listed below.
Course AZ-104T00-A: Microsoft Azure Administrator
Course AZ-010T00-A: Azure Administration for AWS SysOps
You can also find authentic Microsoft study materials on their official website. The official Microsoft website will have the best study materials. They are more accurate and authentic than any other websites. You should also take practice tests to gain the necessary experience to pass the exam. You can also find the practice tests on the official website.
To pass the exam, you must have the right strategy and the right planning. We present our Microsoft: AZ104 Online Tutorial and Online Course. This will help you prepare by providing a guideline that includes a list with all the study resources. These resources will be very helpful in your preparation for the exam.
Expert’s Corner
The Exam AZ104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate will help you to improve your technical skills and ultimately, your career. This exam is essential if you are looking to advance your career in cloud computing. This certificate will help you get credible roles in cloud computing technology, such as developer, solutions architect, cloud architect, and solution architect. You can prepare by studying the tutorial and taking practice tests. This will ensure that you pass the exam.
You can start your journey to a successful career by taking theMicrosoft:AZ-104certification exam. There are hundreds of practice tests available.