Listen to IT Podcasts on International Podcast Day

Podcasting is on the rise. Podcasts are becoming more popular than YouTube and Netflix in a world where audio is increasingly in demand. Podcasts are a way to have long-form conversations without having to break into formulaic breaks. There are many podcasts to choose from. In celebration of International Podcast Day, we’ve compiled a trio IT Podcasts for you to listen to.

Heavy Networking

This podcast is an hour long and covers the latest and greatest in networking technology. Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray join industry experts each week to discuss the topic. There are nearly 600 episodes and you can find long-form content in all areas of networking.
Recommended Episodes
From Help Desk to Network Automation Engineer in 5 Years
What it takes to build an ISP in 2021
Nick McKeown: The Future of Networking

Darknet Diaries

True Crime is the OG podcasting genre. Darknet Diaries focuses on the dark side internet, where crime and IT intersect. This podcast tells true stories about cybercrime, breaches, shadow governments actors, and many other topics. Jack Rhysider hosts this podcast. It combines IT geekiness with compelling narration and occasionally commentary from the people involved in the stories being told.
Recommended Episodes
Zero Day Brokers
Information Monopoly
The Pizza Problem
This Week in Tech
This Week in Tech is more of a talk radio show than a podcast. It features a roundtable of experts, journalists, academics and other guests discussing the most recent tech news. This show is influenced by the news cycle and covers a wide range topics, from crypto currency policy in China to Elon Musk’s latest ventures.
Recommended Episodes
Inspiration4 iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface preview
Blizzard mess and China tech crackdown, quarterly earnings, Rickroll reaches 1 billion
Space billionaires, Right to Repair, Akamai Outage, NSO Spyware

These podcasts will get your IT juices flowing. Boson offers are a great way to sharpen your skills and prepare for your next IT Certification.