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One of the most sought-after IT certifications is the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect GCP certification. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult exams offered today by any cloud vendor. This certification opens up new opportunities for you and increases your earning potential. The average salary for a Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect is $164,000 annually. Let’s learn more about the Google Cloud Architect certification exam, and the benefits it brings.
About Google Cloud Architect certification
A Professional Cloud Architect allows businesses to take advantage Google Cloud technologies. A Professional Cloud Architect can create, produce, and manage secure, scalable and highly available solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. They also have a deep understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud certifications are a way to validate the candidate’s understanding and demonstrate their ability convert businesses using Google Cloud technology.
Who should take the Exam
The following are the intended audience for the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam:
Anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills with Cloud Architecture Certifications.
A candidate who is interested in understanding Google Cloud Platform – GCP.
Anyone who is preparing to take the Cloud Architect Exam from Google.
You can also learn more about Hybrid Cloud Deployment, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.
Anyone can understand the Services offered by Google Cloud Platform.
Customer of Google Cloud Platform, want to understand the services offered.
Current Customers of Amazon, Azure, or any other public cloud want to understand GCP Services.
AWS Solution Architects or Microsoft Azure Architects want to understand Google Cloud Platform.
Developers and Lead Developers who use Google Cloud Platform Services or any other public cloud service.
Exam Format
The basics of the exam are another thing candidates should be aware. Details such as exam length, fee and number of questions are important. We’re going to be discussing it here. The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam is multi-choice and takes 2 hours to complete. The cost to become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect costs $200. (plus any applicable tax). The exam can be taken in English or Japanese.
Let’s now take a look at the course outline and see the value of this certification!
Is Google Cloud Architect certification valuable?
Yes, the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam can be a great value-add. Many IT companies are reorganizing their teams to improve cloud technology and make them more resource-efficient. It is easier for professionals within the organisation to obtain the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification.
Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (also known as GCP Cloud Architect) is one of the most valuable entry-level Cloud certifications. It tests all your skills and knowledge in working with the various Google Cloud technologies. This exam will test your ability to design, develop, plan, and manage secure, robust, dynamic and scalable cloud solutions for businesses.
The certification exam will also assess your ability and proficiency in software development methods. This is a basic cloud certification, which is different from most others. GCP Cloud Architect is a valuable certification and the best Google Cloud certification for individuals who want to pursue a career in Cloud Architect.
Let’s now look at some resources to help you pass this exam.
Google Cloud Documentations and Solutions
Next, review the Google Cloud documentation. Google provides study material. This gives candidates a great opportunity prepare for the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam by using these solutions and documentations. Google also offers case studies, which candidates can use to help them understand the concepts. Mountkirk Games and TerramEarth are just a few of the available case studies.
Google Training Program
Google’s cloud platform offers training programs. Candidates preparing to take the exam can find training programs for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architects. These training programs provide comprehensive guidance and learning. You might also be interested in the online course Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect.
Exam Course Outline
Google has divided the exam syllabus in sections and then into subject sections. Let’s take a look at the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification course outline to see the topics covered in the exam. –
Domain 1: Planning and designing a cloud solution architecture
1.1 Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements.Considerations include:
Business use cases and product strategy (Google Documentation:Best practices for enterprise organizations,Implementing policies for customer use cases)
Cost optimization (Google Documentation:Performance and cost optimization)
Also, Supporting the Application Design (Google Documentation:Google Cloud System Design Considerations)
Further, integration with external systems (Google Docation:Using APIs From An External Network,Security privacy and compliance)
More importantly, Movement of data (Google Docation:Data Lifecycle)
Also, Design decision tradeoffs (Google Documentation :Google Cloud system design considerations).
Further, you can also build, buy, and modify
More importantly, Success m