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An industry-recognized AWS certification validates a candidate’s knowledge of the full range of AWS database services. It also stimulates the use of database technology to support the organization’s business transformation. Candidates who work in a database-centric position are eligible for the AWS Database Specialty certificate. Let’s begin our journey to discover how valuable this exam is and what resources are required to pass it.
About AWS Database Specialty Examination
AWS provides the AWS Certified Database-Specialty certification directly to verify specialized expertise in their database offerings. AWS states that the certification is not applicable to any job or traditional position in an IT team. Its purpose is validation of a database professional’s extensive knowledge of databases. It is a high-level certification that database professionals need to have in order to design, manage, deploy, access and maintain databases.
Who should take this exam
Database Specialty is the newest AWS Specialty certification. It is for IT professionals who work with databases.
They must be able analyze needs and requirements to recommend and design appropriate databases using AWS services.
Exam Details
The new AWS Database Specialty exam will be identified by the code DBS-C01. This exam is for IT professionals working in database-related positions. The exam will have 65 questions. They will be multiple-choice. The candidate will complete the AWS Certified Database – Specialty Exam Questions in 180 minutes. The exam can also be taken in English, Japanese, Korean, or simplified Chinese. The pass mark for the exam is 750. Additional costs include USD 300 for the exam (Practice exam: USD 40).
Let’s now get to the point.
Is it worth taking the AWS Database Specialty Examination?
The AWS Certified Database-Specialty certification is a career-defining certificate that demonstrates your ability and creativity in designing a database solution. AWS database certification is geared towards implementing specific solutions or maintaining existing ones. This certification is not the only one. It validates your ability and skill to assess a company’s top-to bottom needs and create a custom solution using all of AWS’ relational and nonrelational offerings.
The AWS Certified Database Specialty exam tests your knowledge of all AWS database solutions. It is a challenging and comprehensive test. It is a great way to validate your skills as a database professional. The certification is highly valuable. Let’s now look at the course outline. This will give you more information and help you prepare better.
AWS Certified Database Specialty Course Outline
The course outline is an AWS Certified Database Specialty Blueprint. It contains the objectives and subtopics of each exam. The detailed course outline and related documentation will also help you to learn and understand the exam better.
Domain 1: Workload-specific database design
1.1 Choose the appropriate database services to handle specific data types and workloads
1.2 Develop strategies for disaster recovery and high availability
also, AWS Documentation:Resilience and Disaster Recovery in Amazon DynamoDB
1.3 Database design solutions for performance, compliance and scalability
also, AWS Documentation:Security, Identity, and Compliance
1.4 Compare the cost of database solutions
Domain 2: Migration and deployment
2.1 Automate database solution deployments
2.2 Plan data preparation and migration strategies
Also, AWS Documentation: Best practices for migrating from Oracle to Amazon RDS
2.3 Validate and execute data migration
Domain 3: Management & Operations
3.1 Identify maintenance tasks and processes
also, AWS Documentation:Operating System Maintenance
3.2 Create backup and restore plans
3.3 Manage the operational environment for a database solution
also, AWS Documentation:Overview
Domain 4: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
AWS Documentation:Appendix A: Troubleshooting
4.1 Establish monitoring and alerting strategies
4.2 Troubleshoot common database problems and fix them
also, AWS Documentation:Troubleshooting for Amazon RDS
4.3 Optimize database performance
also, AWS Documentation:Performance Tuning
Domain 5: Database Security
5.1 Encrypt data in transit and at rest
also, AWS Documentation:Encrypt Data at Rest and in Transit
5.2 Evaluate auditing solutions
also, AWS Documentation:Solution Components
5.3 Determine access control mechanisms and authentication mechanisms
also, AWS Documentation:Controlling and managing access to a REST API in API Gateway
5.4 Recognize security flaws in database solutions
also, AWS Documentation:Security, Identity, and Compliance
Let’s now take a look at some resources to help you pass the exam quickly.
AWS Certified Database – Specialty Training
AWS training programs are also available to candidates. AWS offers training programs for each exam. All exam information, such as the description, intended audience and delivery method, length, etc., is included in the training programs. A training program is required to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for AWS Certified Database Specialty.
Books and guides
AWS training programs are also available to candidates. AWS offers training programs for each exam. All exam information, such as the description, intended audience and delivery method, length, etc., is included in the training programs. AWS Certified Database Specialty training programs are required for candidates to gain knowledge and skills.