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For those who know what they are doing, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test will be a good choice. The ability to demonstrate an overall knowledge of the AWS Cloud. The exam can be taken online by proctors at a testing facility, or from the comfort of one’s home or workplace.
Interview with Mr. GV Murthy, who brings 9 years of I.T experience in the areas of Embedded Systems and Telecom Protocols, AWS Cloud and Test Automation.
How did you get started with AWS? What attracted you to learning AWS?
AWS Cloud is the focus of current technology. Here we can build any new technology like Blockchain, IoT and Telecom Software. It is almost like getting a diploma by learning and developing technology in the Cloud.
How can you keep up-to-date with the latest AWS trends?
I am a frequent visitor to AWS’s website and subscribe to LinkedIn for a few AWS channels.
How valuable is it to have an AWS certification?
To have a better career, it is important to complete the AWS credential.
What advice would you give to aspiring cloud practitioners who are looking to make a career out of AWS?
To have a better career, it is important to obtain the AWS credential.
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How did you get into a Top Tier Company?
It is important to do analysis and to have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts of the subject you are interested in.
What do you understand by AWS?
Here’s an example of how to create a website and deploy it on a server. You can also assign roles and policies to users.
How did you get started in AWS as a fresher? What did you do to become a successful professional?
When I was a beginner, I learned from online preparation sites. Later, I learned on my own to achieve competency.
What is your favorite thing about what you do?
My favorite part of configuration management is using AWS OPS Work.
How did you pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam? These are some tips for aspiring candidates.
You can learn all subjects in the syllabus.
How can a newcomer decide which AWS Certification to take?
They have a very clear explanation in the AWS certificate section.
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What keys do you believe are key to your professional success?
Learn from your past mistakes and understand them. Then, overcome them.
Are you struggling to prepare for the AWS Cloud Practioner Exam?
You can follow our Expert Blog to pass the exam now!
Is the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam difficult?