How to turn your New Year’s resolution into a SMART goal

This New Year is a great opportunity to set myself up for success in the next decade.

This will be a year for me to do. Doing the uncomfortably today for a comfortable tomorrow. It sounds simple, right?
Each year, I make a new resolution to eat healthier, exercise more, sleep more, drink more water and improve my technical skills. Although I am usually good at sticking to my goals, there have been times when I haven’t achieved all that I set out to. Are you familiar with this?
I don’t want that to happen this year so I have finally started listening to my body and have created a plan with SMART goals. If you are committed to making your resolutions stick, you might consider turning them into SMART goals.
Before we get into the details of setting SMART goals, I want you to understand the difference between tasks and goals. Although these terms are often interchangeable, it is important to know the difference in order to have a productive conversation.
This week’s episode of How to Get Started in IT is available for you to view. I used the example of going to the beach to show the difference. To spend a day at the beach, you will need to complete several tasks. Start by planning out what you will need to do and asking yourself questions such as: What are the expected expenses? How can I get there?
These questions will be answered and any associated tasks completed. Although each of the above tasks is not sufficient to accomplish the desired results, if done in the right order, I could be enjoying the sun in no time.
Florida native: Finding the motivation to go to the beach is much easier than finding the motivation for passing a certification exam. How can I keep myself motivated and not fall into the valley of despair
Finding a method that works for you can often be the key to bridging the gap. I like the SMART goal method and will use it to create an example of how to pass a certification examination.

Let’s get down to the details.
S stands for Specific. You can set clear goals to ensure you don’t lose sight of the goal. It is often very easy to find the certification you need. To find out the requirements for a certification, you can contact the vendor directly. It could be a series or projects, or a combination of both. The process can vary from one vendor to the next. To obtain Microsoft’s Azure Administrator certification you must pass the az103 exam.
M stands for Measurable. This one is easy to follow because the vendor provides the information. They determine what constitutes a pass or fail. If I take the az103 exam, I know that I will need at least 700 points in order to pass.
Attainable stands for A. This is where you need to be honest with yourself. Is this possible? Ask yourself if you have the resources, ability, time, and financial support to achieve this goal.
R stands for Relevant. Although this seems obvious, I have fallen prey to goals that were not relevant or did not fit my overall vision. Be sure to evaluate and evaluate your ROI. Ask yourself: Will this goal lead you to your ultimate destination? Is this certification a good fit for my career? Is this certification necessary in my current socio-economic context? Is this something you really want?
T stands for Time-Based. Once you have established your goal, include details such as milestones or completion dates. You should set a deadline if you plan to take the az103 exam. Online scheduling is possible to set a date for your exam. Perhaps you give yourself two months. My az103 course on ITProTV takes approximately 35 hours. Perhaps you can set a task to complete just a few hours each day. You should complete the training in the first month. Then, take the next month off for labs and practice exams. It is a great way of keeping you on track and allowing you to assign tasks to support your progress.
What are you aiming to accomplish in the new year, then? Now that you are able to set SMART goals, it is time to work on your IT certification goals for 2019.
Engaging and effective training can help you achieve your 2021 goals. ITProTV is your first step to learning.