How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ303 Exam? Blog

Microsoft Azure Solution Architects have the responsibility of creating, planning, and executing business agreements. They also assist in the development of new technologies within an organization. This role involves collaborating with other departments to implement new plans and objectives. To be able to step into this role, you must pass the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam (AZ-303). Many candidates are stuck in preparation and don’t know how to prepare for the AZ303 exam.
We will discuss the main topics, exam format, study resources, and steps to passing the exam. Let’s get started with our exam study guide.
Preparation Guide for Microsoft Azure AZ-303 Exam
It is important to know the knowledge base before you begin the Microsoft AZ-303 exam preparation.
To become a Microsoft Azure Architect, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Although no experience is required, knowledge and understanding are beneficial. When it comes to architects for Azure solutions,
They have the ability to focus, problem-solve, lead, and show creativity.
They are responsible for advising stakeholders and translating company requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.
Finally, they may also work with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, clients, and other cloud professionals to deploy solutions.
Now, let’s move on to the exam!
Step 1: Understanding the Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Details
To be able to cover all the essential skills, becoming certified is the best way. This will increase your market value and enhance your knowledge.
Candidates who can design and implement Microsoft Azure systems are eligible to take the Microsoft AZ-303 exam. This exam covers features such as storage, computing, networking, security, and storage. This exam requires intermediate-level Azure administration skills as well as knowledge of Azure development procedures and DevOps procedures.
The next important part of exam details is the knowledge requirement and exam structure.
Knowledge requirement for the exam
You must have the following skills to pass the exam with a high score.
First, a deep understanding and expertise in IT operations such as identity, security, networking, virtualization, and identity.
Business continuity
Disaster recovery
data platform
Budgeting and governance

The second is the ability to control how individual selections affect the overall solution.
Finally, you will need to be familiar with Azure development and DevOps processes, as well as Azure management capabilities.
Step 2: Exploring the AZ303 Exam Format
Microsoft AZ-303 is the prerequisite for becoming Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert. This exam will contain 40-60 questions. You must score at least 700 to pass this exam. The exam is available in English and Japanese, Korean, French (Brazil), Russian (Saudi Arabia), Chinese, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), Italian (Traditional), and German (German). The exam can be scheduled at $165 USD*
Before we move on to the exam topics of AZ-303 let’s take a look ahead at the upcoming updates.
Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification Update:
The AZ-303 exam will be retired on MARCH 31, 2022. Exam AZ305, a new exam is now available. To receive the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert certification, you must meet the following requirements:
First, earn or have a current Azure Administrator Associate certificate and pass Exam AZ305.
The second is to pass the AZ303 and AZ305 exams.
AZ-303 and AZ-302 exams (before they retire on the 31st of March 2022)

Exam topics and sections, as we all know, can help you understand the scope of the exam. Let’s focus on the main exam topics!
Step 3: Concentrate on the Exam Topics
Exam topics can be a useful learning tool during exam preparation. It is recommended that you review all sections and subsections of the exam objectives before beginning to study for the AZ303 exam. This includes the following:
1. Monitor and implement an Azure infrastructure
Monitoring cloud infrastructure
Storage accounts should be implemented
Implementing VMs on Windows and Linux
Automated deployment and configuration of resources
Implement Azure Active Directory
Implementing and managing hybrid identities
2. Implement security and management solutions
Manage workloads in Azure
Load balancing and network security can be implemented
Implementing and managing Azure governance Solutions
3. App solutions that work
Implementing an Application Infrastructure
Container-based applications: Implementation
4. Implement and manage data platforms
Implementing NoSQL databases
Implement Azure SQL databases
Step 4: Learn more about the concept with Learning Paths
Microsoft Learning Paths can be used by candidates for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam to help them understand the concepts. You will also be able to acquire skills and knowledge in a variety areas by following the learning pathways. Access to the Microsoft Azure AZ303 exam modules and courses will be provided. This will allow you to develop your knowledge. These learning paths are:
1. Architecting network infrastructure in Azure
Learn how to combine on-premises networks with Azure resources to create a secure and flexible network infrastructure on Azure.
Understanding the network principles, such as routing and IP addressing
Also, network access solutions such as VPN.

2. Architecting storage infrastructure in Azure
Learn how Azure can be used to architect storage solutions for your apps.
3. Architecting compute infrastructure in Azure
Learn how to use Azure for creativity