How to Prepare for the AWS Database Specialty Exam (DBS-01)? Blog

Certifications are now more important than ever. Individuals who work in database-focused roles are eligible to take the AWS Certified Database Specialty exam (DBS-C01). The IT industry, including companies like Amazon, Google and Oracle, is highly competitive. For managing their huge amounts of data, organizations require certified professionals. It is not enough to get the certifications. It is important to have a solid conceptual understanding and the ability to apply the certification content. You can get good marks if you just memorize the entire section, but you won’t get the salary you deserve. These certifications will not only help you get a job, but also build self-confidence and improve your quality of work.
It is important to remember that a certified professional in an organization is valued more than any other professional. They are paid more and are more trusted with the work, which eventually leads to higher designations and promotions. They are regarded as more efficient employees and have occupied the top spot in the organization’s priority list.
Although it is difficult to pass the AWS Database Specialty certification exam, it is possible with the right resources. This article will provide information about the AWS Database Specialty exam, including the preparation materials and details. So, let us get started!
What is AWS Database Specialty Examination?
AWS Certified Database – Specialty (DBS-01) is for individuals who work in a database-focused position. This exam validates the examinee’s knowledge of databases. It covers concepts such as design, migration, deployment and access. It validates the examinee’s ability –
Learn how to distinguish the key features of AWS’s database services.
To design and recommend the best AWS database solutions, analyze your needs and requirements.
Let’s now move on to the exam overview to learn all the details. The exam details will help you prepare better and make it easier to manage your preparation.
Exam overview
The AWS Database Specialty exam has 65 questions that must be answered in 180 minutes. The exam costs $300, but prices may vary depending on where you live. Online exam can be taken. The AWS Database Specialty exam can also be taken in English, Japanese and Korean.
Exam Details
Name of examAWS Database Specialist examCode of examDBS-C01No. Cost of the exam$300Time allowed180 minLanguages availableEnglish and Japanese, Korean and simplified ChineseTypes of questionsAskedMultiple choice and multiple-select questionsPassing score750Let’s now examine the scoring policy and exam format, as well as the recommended knowledge and experience.
Exam Format and Scoring Policy
Two types of questions will be asked during the AWS database specialty exam.
Multiple choice: One correct answer and three incorrect responses (distractors) are possible
Multiple Response: Two or more correct answers from five or more options.
Unanswered questions will be scored incorrectly. Guessing is not a penalty. Your exam score is reported as a score between 100 and 1,000, with a minimum passing score being 750. Your score is a measure of how well you did on the entire exam and whether you passed or not. Your score report includes a table listing the classifications of how you performed at each level. This information provides general feedback about your exam performance.
Recommendations for Knowledge and Experience
These are the recommended knowledge and experience points for Amazon’s AWS database specialty exam.
Minimum of five years’ experience with common database technology.
Minimum 2 years of experience working with AWS.
Expertise and experience working with both on-premises and AWS Cloud-based NoSQL and relational databases.
We now have a good understanding of the AWS database special exam. Let us move on to the syllabus.
Course outline
As stated above, the AWS database specialty exam will assess you in five major areas. These areas are described in detail below.
Domain 1: Workload-Specific Database Design (26%).
First, choose the right database services to handle specific data types and workloads
Second, determine strategies for disaster recovery.
Design database solutions for performance and compliance are available.
Finally, compare the costs of database solutions
Domain 2: Migration and deployment (20%)
Firstly, Automate database solution deployments
Secondly, determine data preparation and migration strategies
Third, validate and execute data migration
Domain 3: Management & Operations (18%)
First, determine maintenance tasks and processes
Also, you should determine backup and restoration strategies
Also, manage the operational environment for a database solution
Domain 4: Monitoring & Troubleshooting (18%)
First, determine monitoring and alerting strategies
Secondly, Troubleshoot common database problems and resolve them
Third, optimize your database performance
Domain 5: Database Security (18%)
First, Encrypt data in transit and at rest
Afterwards, Evaluate auditing options
Also, determine access control and authentication mechanisms
Finally, identify potential security flaws in database solutions
This was the syllabus. We’ll now move on to the preparatory materials for the AWS Database Specialty examination.
Preparatory Guide to the AWS Database Specialty Examination
There are many resources that can be used to prepare for the exam. You must be careful when choosing the right resources. The resources you choose