How to prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam (SCS-01)

The AWS Certified Security-Specialty certification exam can be quite challenging. The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam can be taken by individuals who are interested to secure the AWS. You will gain appreciation for your skills and certifications will enhance them. Employees with certifications are preferred over those who don’t have them. You can also show your passion for your development by getting certifications.
You have come to the right place if you are looking for complete information about AWS Certified Security-Specialty certification. This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification exam. This guide will provide information about the various study resources available to prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty examination. Keep reading until the end.
What is the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam?
Individuals who are in a security role should take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty SCS-01 exam. This exam validates a candidate’s ability to demonstrate knowledge about AWS security.
The candidate will learn the following skills after passing this exam:
A thorough understanding of AWS data protection mechanisms and data classifications specialized in this area.
A second understanding of data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms is required to implement them.
A third factor is a good understanding of AWS mechanisms and secure Internet protocols.
Fourth, a working knowledge of AWS security features and features to provide a secure production environment.
Eventually, you will have a minimum of two years of experience in production deployment using AWS security features and services.
The ability to make tradeoffs with regard to security, cost, and deployment complexity given a set application requirements.
Then, understanding security operations and risk.
Exam outline for AWS Certified Security Specialist
The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam contains 65 questions and must be completed in 170 minutes. The exam will cost $300 USD, but prices may vary depending on where you live. The certification is valid for three years and can be obtained in English, Japanese, Korean, and simplified Chinese. Multiple choice questions and multiple answers are required. These details will be explained in the article.
Exam Details
Name of the examAWS Certified Security – SpecialtyExam codeSCS-01No. number of questions asked65Passing marks750/1000Cost to take the exam$300 USDLanguages offeredEnglish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified ChineseExam Validity3 yearsExam formatMultiple choices and multiple answersExam Questions
There are two types AWS certified security specialty questions:
Multiple choice: One correct answer and three incorrect responses (distractors) are possible
Multiple Response: Two or more correct answers from five or more options.
Choose one or more of the responses that best answers the question or complete the statement. Distractors, also known as incorrect answers, are responses that an examinee would likely choose if they had limited knowledge or skills. They are however plausible answers that fit within the content area of the test objective.
Unanswered questions are marked incorrectly. There is no negative marking for guessing. Unscored items may be included in your examination to collect statistical information.
The AWS Certified Security Specialist (SCS-01) exam is pass/fail. The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam’s scoring system is based upon a minimum standard set by AWS professionals, who follow industry best practices and guidelines. Let’s now look at the scoring policy.
Scoring policy
Your AWS Certified Security Specialty results are evaluated on a scale from 100 to 1,000, with a minimum passing score being 750. Your score is a measure of how well you did on the entire exam and whether you passed. Scaled scoring models can be used to compare scores across multiple exam forms with slightly different difficulty levels.
A table listing the classifications of your performance at each level of your score report will be included in your score report. This information will provide feedback on your exam performance. The exam uses a compensatory scoring system, which means you don’t need to pass each section, but only the entire examination.
AWS Security Specialty Perquisites
Amazon has set some prerequisites for the exam to ensure that you score well. These are:
First, a minimum of five years’ experience in IT security, including designing and implementing security solutions.
Additionally, you must have at least 2 years of experience in securing AWS workloads.
Finally, security controls for workloads on AWS.
Syllabus outline
Here is the outline of the syllabus for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam. This is the basis of the exam:
Module 1: Incident Response- 12%
First, examine the AWS abuse notice to determine whether there is a compromised instance or exposed access key.
Verify that the Incident Response Plan includes appropriate AWS services.
Also, evaluate the configuration of automated alarming and take appropriate remediation for security-related incidents or emerging issues.
Module 2: Logging & Monitoring – 20%
First, design and implement security monitoring.
Troubleshoot security monitoring, alerting.
Afterward, design and implement a log management solution.
Last but not least, Troubleshoot Logging Solutions.
Module 3: Infrastructure Security – 26%
First, AWS Design Edge Security
Also, design and implement a secure network infrastructure.
Troubleshoot your network infrastructure to ensure security.
Then, design and implement a host-base