How to Prepare for AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA-01)? Blog

AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA-01) has been updated to SAA-01.
AWS Solution Architect Associate
Cloud services are growing rapidly worldwide, whether they are used to share information or store data. Amazon Web Service (AWS), one of the most popular cloud services, is used to create and deploy any type of application over cloud.
AWS certification offers both individuals and businesses great growth opportunities.
This blog will provide information about the benefits, course structure, and tips for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate.
Why Amazon Web Services?
Many companies have launched cloud services on the market today, which has created a fierce competition among them to stay on top. Amazon Web Services (AWS), has made such an impact on individuals and organizations that it is now considered one of the most popular cloud services.
AWS was launched in 2006 and has a market share 40%. It allows organizations to access programming models, databases, and hybrid capabilities to work with it.
AWS features include Data encryption and Robust firewall to protect all files. AWS has maintained its market reputation with big competitors like IBM, Google cloud, and Azure.
AWS Solution Architect Associate
The AWS solution architect Associate exam is the most sought-after certification. It is designed for professionals who are skilled in designing scalable, cost-efficient distributed systems on AWS.
This certification exam will enhance your skills and knowledge when using AWS technologies to deploy applications.
Exam Eligibility
The following are the eligibility criteria for AWS Solution Architect Associate exam:
It is necessary to have at least 1 year of experience in designing systems on AWS.
Advanced knowledge in at least one programming language
Should be able identify best practices for AWS applications.

Exam Pattern
AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam has MCQ type questions.
This is broken down into different types of questions.
Multiple choice questions. In this case, you must choose one correct answer from four options.
Multiple answer questions: This allows for multiple correct answers to the options provided.
Exam Scoring
Exam takers must choose one or more of the best answers based on the type of question.
The exam is not marked with a negative note.
Questions that aren’t answered will be marked incorrect.
You may also find content that hasn’t been assigned a score, or none at all.
Exam Result
The exam score can be rated between 100 and 1000.
You need to achieve a minimum of 65% on a percentage basis.
The exam score report is presented in a table format, with each section listed performance-wise.
There is no set way to pass each section. You just need to score the overall passing score.
Each section of the exam has a different weighting. The number of questions for each section varies.
AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam follows a pass or fail format.
The minimum standards set by AWS professionals to score in the exam are based on good practice and guidelines.
Exam Retake Policy
You must wait 14 days before you can retake the certification exam. You can take the exam as many times as you like until you are certified. You will also have to pay the full fee each time you attempt the exam.
Exam Objective
The following structure is used to examine individuals taking part in this exam:
Use architectural design principles to define a solution that meets user requirements.
AWS technologies are used to design and deploy secure and robust applications.
Preparing guidance to be implemented using best practices for the organization involved in the project.
Ability to design scalable, cost-effective distributed systems on AWS
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Click on Certification at the top.
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AWS Solution Architect Associate Certificate Course Content or Domains
Five domains are covered by AWS Solution Architect Associate.
Design Resilient Architectures
Define Performant Architectures
Secure Architectures and Applications
Design Cost-Optimized Architectures
Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures
Preparation for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam can be done online using free resources.
Reference Books
There are many reference books available for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. Some of them are,
AWS Web Services For Dummies: A Wiley Brand By Bernard Golden
AWS Basics: Beginners’ Guide by Wong
Joyjeet Banerjee, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate All in One Exam Guide
Amazon Web Services in Action by Andreas Wittig & Michael Wittig
Aurobindo Sarkar & Amit Shah, Learning AWS – Designing, Building, and Deploying Responsive Applications Using AWS Cloud Components
Free Online Tutorials and Notes

Online resources are plentiful for the exam.
Exam Tips and Notes
Link to a free practice exam
Course Provider
Many online training courses are available to help you pass the exam.
Exam Q&A
Many websites offer valuable information and topics related to certification, such as:
Practice sets
Practice sets can be used to help you prepare for exam assessments. The practice test provider provides analysis of your skills, knowledge, and abilities on the AWS Solution Architect Associate. Amazon offers practice sets.
You can access practice sets of questions about AWS Solution Architect Associate at Testprep Training in two ways.
Free Testquestions
Paid Practice T