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According to a survey, Microsoft has experienced a huge growth worldwide. The IT sector is, in my opinion, the most beneficial and advanced. Microsoft, with its professional certifications, has become an individual’s main focus. Professionally, Microsoft Developing SQL Database (70-762) certification is always in mind. Developing SQL Database certification is essential to becoming a Database Professional.
The following article will provide more information about this certification. This article will discuss all details and important information regarding the exam.
Exam Developing SQL Databases (70-762).
Microsoft is one of the most reputable companies that offer certification courses. The Microsoft 70-762 exam was designed for Database Professionals. This certification requires knowledge in cloud-based SQL database design and operation. You will also learn how to implement databases.
Microsoft 70-762 certification will allow you to learn more about database file creation. Let’s find out more about the exam.
What will you get from Microsoft Developing SQL Database Certification?
Microsoft name is a big deal. It is also an achievement to earn Microsoft certification. You will also see advancement in your career and skills with Microsoft Developing SQL Database certification. The following points will help you to understand the concept.
This course teaches you how to design and operate cloud-based SQL databases.
Second, you will learn the skills necessary to build and implement databases across an enterprise.
It also covers concepts such as database file creation, data types and tables. You will also learn how to create, optimize, and plan indexes.
It will also help you choose the best methods to ensure data integrity and availability.
You will also learn how to implement stored procedures, functions, and views. You will also gain a better understanding of how to manage transactions locks.
You will also find the exam structure, details, and exam preparation tips in the article.
Developing SQL Database exam Structure
Exam Outline for Developing SQL Databases
This certification covers four topics.
Create and implement database objects (25-30%)
Implement programmability objects (20-25%)
Manage database concurrency (25-30%)
Optimize SQL infrastructure and database objects (20-25%)
Create and implement database objects
This topic is the first in the developing SQL Database exam. This topic is also given 25-30% of the exam’s weightage. This section will cover the following topics:
First, designing and implementing a relational data base schema
Next, design and implementation of indexes
The next step is to design and implement views
Finally, Implementing column storeindices
Implement programmability objects
This topic covers 20-25% exam weightage. These are the most important sections.
Data integrity and data security with constraints
Create stored procedures
Create triggers and user-definable functions
Cloud Security and Risk Management
This topic is crucial for the exam and accounts for 25-30% of the total weightage. These are the sections that are covered in this area.
Implementing transactions
How to manage isolation levels
Optimizing concurrency behavior and locking behavior
Implementing memory-optimized stored procedures and memory-optimized tables
Optimize SQL infrastructure and database objects:
This topic covers 20-25% weightage in the exam. This topic is divided into four sections.
Optimizing statistics and indexes
Analyzing and troubleshooting query plans
Database instances performance management
Monitoring and tracing SQL Server baseline performance metrics
Are you sure? Microsoft has made the practice exam available.