How to pass the Blue Prism ATA02 exam? Blog

Blue Prism Technical Architect Certification ATA02 will help you find a career in RPA. This certification will also help you to advance your career in RPA.
The demand for Certified Technical Architects has increased with the recent shift to artificial intelligence, machinelearning and data analytics. Blue Prism Certification will give you more confidence in your abilities.
Blue Prism is becoming highly recognized as more people from the IT industry apply for Blue Prism Architect jobs within the automation sector. Blue Prism is highly regarded for its excellent learning environment and the large check that comes with being certified. If you are interested in learning more about the ATA02 Blue Prism Technical Architect certification exam please stay with us. We have provided all details about the exam and a preparatory guide for you to pass the exam.
Now, get ready to prepare. Let’s begin by understanding what RPA is and how blue prism is connected to RPA.
RPA: A Revolution
RPA is also known by the acronym Robotic Process Automation. This is the automation of business operations using robots to reduce human intervention. It combines machine learning with artificial intelligence to automate large-scale tasks.
What is Blue Prism?
There are many tools available in the RPA industry. Blue Prism, however, is the only tool that can manage virtual workers. Softwarerobots are also used in this process. This is a great way to automate any business task and make it more efficient and cost-effective.
Solution Architect vs. Technical Architect.
Solutionsarchitects and technical architects develop and implement methods to streamlineoperations.
A solution architect is a specialist in technical forecasts. They also assist in the management and execution of strategic planning. Their job responsibilities include:
First, Analyzing current issues to recommend solutions
Secondly, managing and creating a team to implement best practices
Lastly, determining the information technology architecture and aligning it with business needs.
We now move on to technical architect. Technical architects work for many organizations, including professional services firms and information technology consulting firms. Their job responsibilities include:
Firstly, determine your business needs and their importance
Second, collaborate with solutions architects to determine implementation costs and timing.
Next, instructing organizational stakeholders about potential threats to gain support for information-technology strategies
Afterwards, communicate design overviews to technical and executive management
Finally, ensuring that application designs support the overall technological strategy
Benefits of ATA02 Exam
There are many reasons to consider Blue Prism when it is about automation. Here are some of these benefits.
First, the candidate will have an opportunity to improve their skills and abilities.
Secondly, if you are certified with Blue Prism, you will be able to acquire skills and potential for different types of Blue Prism technology.
Candidates can also manage blocks and stages easily.
Candidates can apply for different domains of automation, too.
Last but not the least, after becoming certified, candidates receive big salaries.
Exam overview: ATA02 Exam
Candidates who are able to design Blue Prism infrastructure solutions can take the Blue Prism Technical Exam (Version 6.0) Environment exam.
A good technical architect should be able to perform the following tasks:
The candidate must first and foremost understand and appreciate architectural components.
Candidates must also be able support design and requirements.
He/she should also be able install and configure the equipment.