How to pass the ACI Dealing Certificate Exam (002-100). Blog

The ACI Dealing Certificate (002-100 exam) expired 31 March 2021. ACI Dealing Certificate New Edition is the replacement.
It is difficult to obtain certifications, especially in today’s competitive world. Industries are looking for the most qualified candidate to manage their office efficiently. There are many candidates out there, and not all of them succeed. Are you one of those people who is aiming for success but aren’t sure what resources to use? Are you interested in passing and obtaining the ACI Dealing Certificate (002-100 Exam)? If so, you’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of resources to assist you in your preparation journey.
The ACI Dealing Certificate (002-100), is a foundation program. It allows candidates to gain knowledge about the structure and operation Major foreign exchange and money markets. This knowledge includes core products such as cash, forwards, or derivatives. It also covers the fundamental skills required for competent participation and the ability apply fundamental mathematics. The exam has been redesigned to cover topics such as foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities instruments. It also includes their related markets with quantitative and theoretical sessions. The financial markets environment and its applications are also covered with theoretical questions.
Why become ACI certified?
American Concrete Institute stands for American Concrete Institute. It is a worldwide leader in dissemination, development, and research. They have demonstrated expertise in concrete design, construction materials, and other related areas. ACI is also well-known for its adoption consensus-based standards, technical resource, educational & training programs, and certification programs. ACI Certified Personnel is required on job sites for many national and international building codes.
This title demonstrates to employers that you are capable of completing the job with high standards. This title gives you the ability to construct the most beautiful concrete structures in the world.
Who should take the exam
The following are the aspirants to the ACI Dealing Certificate (002-100).
First, junior dealers and new entrants with 0-18 months experience in the trading room.
Personnel for the middle office and operations
Compliance and risk officers are also important.
Compliance officers and auditors
Final, serves as a precursor in ACI Diploma
Exam Details
Exam NameACI Dealing CertificateCodeACIDuration3 hoursExam FormatMultiple Choice and Multi-Response QuestionsExam TypeDealingNumber of Questions70 QuestionsEligibility/Pre-RequisiteNILExam FeeEuro 250 (Including all taxes)Exam LanguageEnglishPassing ScorePass (60% – 69.99%) ; Merit (70% – 79.99%) ;Distinction (80% and above)Now let us head towards the more technical part of your preparation, ie., the course outline. You will be able to identify the areas where your skills will be tested by thoroughly going through the exam. You’ll also learn which topics you are already proficient in and which ones you need to pay special attention to.
Course outline
You will need to keep up-to-date on the latest developments and changes in the markets, in addition to the topics listed below. The major 7 Course Domains for the ACI Dealing Certificate exam (002-100), are listed below.
Domain 1: Calculations of the Basic Interest Rate
To understand the principles behind the time value money.
To be able calculate short-term yields and interest rates, including forward-forward rates. To use these yields and interest rates to calculate payments and evaluate other short-term funding options.
Understand how information is plotted on a yield curve. This terminology describes the basic movements and overall shape of a curve.