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Certified professionals are essential for any company. They must be able to prove themselves to be an asset and have the necessary knowledge of operations. It is important to stay current in your education, especially when someone is not professional and has no expertise in the industry. CompTIA A+ is the preferred performance-based credential for technical support and IT operations roles.
CompTIA A+ 220-1002, however, is an exam from the CompTIA A+ series. It covers two exams: Core I (220-1001) & Core 2 (220-11002). The CompTIA A+ credential requires that the candidate passes both the Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) exams. The CompTIA A+ credential can give you a boost in your career by allowing you to earn performance-based items that show you can think critically and perform critical IT support tasks. Let’s get started to discuss the CompTIA A+ 220-102 (core 2) exam.
What is CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Core 2 Exam?
CompTIA A+ Core 2 tests the skills required to become an entry-level IT professional. Candidates who pass the exam will be able to recognize the following objectives:
Assemble components according to customer specifications
Install, configure, maintain, and support PCs, mobile devices, as well as software for end-users
Learn the basics of security forensics and networking
Correctly and safely diagnose, fix, and document common hardware- and software problems
Use your troubleshooting skills
Offer appropriate customer support
Learn the basics of scripting and virtualization.
Now that we know what certification is, we can move on to the next step, which will be gathering basic information about the exam.
Exam overview
CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Certification Exam has 90 questions. The exam lasts for 90 minutes. The exam is available in English and Spanish. The exam costs $232 USD, but prices may vary depending on where you live. CompTIA A+ (220-1002 exam passing score) is 700 on a scale from 100-900. Pearson VUE allows you to schedule the exam. Before you can sit for the exam, you must have the CompTIA A+220-1001 (core 1) Exam credential.
Take a look at this table.
Name of the examCompTIA A+ 220-1002 ExamCode of the exam220-1002Registration fees$232 USDLanguages availableEnglish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai and SpanishNo. of questions asked90Time allowed90 minutesPassing score700 on the sale of 100-900PrerequisitesCompTIA A+ 220-1001 (core 1) ExamScheduling platformPearson VUEAfter this, there comes an important step of knowing the detailed course outline for the exam. Let’s move on to the next step.
CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Exam syllabus
This guide is designed to help candidates familiarize themselves with the concepts in preparation for the CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Exam.
Operating Systems 27%
Firstly, compare and contrast the different operating systems and their purposes.
Compare and contrast Microsoft Windows versions.
You can also find general OS installation considerations as well as methods to upgrade.
Given a scenario, use appropriate Microsoft command-line tools.
Use Microsoft operating system tools and features to solve the situation.
Also, Given a scenario, use Microsoft Windows Control Panel utilities.
Summarize configuration and installation concepts for application.
Given a scenario, configure Microsoft Windows network on a client/desktop.
You can also use the tools and features of the Mac OS or Linux client/desktop operating system to solve a particular situation.
Security 24%
First, summarize the importance of physical security measures.
Also, explain logical security concepts.
Compare and contrast wirel