How to manage projects effectively

“Plan. Execute. Manage Change. Be a great leader
This is good advice, but it’s not new. It’s something you’ve known since the beginning that being able do all these things well is crucial to being a great manager. It is obvious that you won’t be able to do these things if you want to get a job as project manager or improve your ability deliver successful projects.
Too Much Theory makes Jack a dull boy
Too much of the information you see about managing projects effectively is abstract. I am guilty of putting too much abstract information out there, even if it’s a blog post. Although we talk about leadership, planning ahead, and managing your project baseline, you can’t point directly to them. You can’t reach out and say, “Give us some leadership.” It’s difficult to understand what these words actually mean.
I want to change that. I have been hard at work over the past eight months on a series real-world, in-the-trenches video courses that you can take online from anywhere in the globe.
Each month I create new courses that flow in a logical order through the project’s life-cycle. I’m referring to agile, critical chain, waterfall and agile. I want you to be a Swiss Army Knife of common-sense project managing that you can use in any environment, large or small, from highly technical aerospace and defense programs to small-scale projects.
Home Cook’n from Scratch
One thing I am proud of is the fact that I can show you how to do this stuff. I don’t just tell about a document if it is one we are discussing. It is created right in front of you. It is made from scratch. The bonus lessons that I create in response to members’ questions and discussions are one of my favorite parts. While we are planning the project together, we have student projects. It’s a lot of fun!
A course on career coaching is also offered. It explains how to approach a job hunt and land one. How to attract opportunities instead of constantly trying to find them. How to gain real experience and find the right companies that value project management as a discipline where you can grow.
With close to 40 hours of training and mentoring material available now, my 8th course has begun. I have been receiving requests to make it all accessible, as well as the new courses, which I am developing and producing.
It’s worth a look
You can now get instant access for $197.
I invite you to look through the course descriptions, outlines, sample videos, and comments from current members.
I hope it’s right to you. I would love to have your company.
P.S. P.S. If you have a friend who you want to see succeed as a project manager, please send me this link or share it with them using the icons below.