How to Increase User Adoption of SharePoint Project Management

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As the old saying goes, a good craftsman doesn’t blame his tools. But I doubt that the Sistine Chapel was painted with crayons, or Venus de Milo with rubber chisels. The tools we use to achieve our vision often determine the success of our efforts, despite our best intentions and planning.
Project managers face one of the greatest challenges when choosing the right tool, especially when it is a new or renewed project. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of tools and approaches available.
This article will discuss why SharePoint is a good choice for project management. We also show you how to use the BrightWork project management template. We’ll also show you how to encourage user acceptance with a detailed 3-step plan.

How to Use SharePoint for Project Management
PuttingPlans into practice1. Purpose
2. Preparation
3. Practice

Implementing change that sticks

Your project management tool must strike a balance between consistency and the ability to adapt to different projects. It must also accommodate team members who work best in different environments.
Some people prefer close monitoring, while others prefer self-direction. Your tool should be intuitive, easy to use, and integrated into your process as quickly as possible.
Microsoft SharePoint is a great platform for project management and can help you overcome these challenges. It is also a tool you likely already have in your company.
How to Use SharePoint for Project Management
Project managers are too easily tempted to use Excel or Word for project management. They lose out on the SharePoint collaborative features.
SharePoint offers many features that allow for collaboration in a secure environment, including:
Document sharing and management
Intranet portals
A newsfeed
Forums and Wikis
Knowledge management.

SharePoint is not a project management tool that comes out of the box. It takes time and some help from a SharePoint administrator to build a SharePoint project site. These challenges can be overcome by project management templates. They can also help you to convert and encourage user adoption.
BrightWork Free Template is an intuitive and simple tool that works with SharePoint 2010/2013/2016/2019. The template can be used on SharePoint to allow project managers to use a standard approach and teams to collaborate.
You can improve the visibility of your overall effort by bringing all project information together in one place.
The Free Template comes with a pre-planned site, reports, metric tiles, and a project site. The Free Template was designed to allow you to follow a simple 5-step approach to project management.
1. Start the Project
2. Plan and set up the project
3. Get involved in the project
4. Track the project and re-plan it
5. Close the Project
The template saves you time and eliminates the need to spend time creating a SharePoint project site or looking for someone to do it. You can download the template and then deploy a pre-configured site in less than five minutes.
This template makes use of SharePoint features such as web parts and lists to create a fully functioning project management website.
SharePoint datasheet views are similar to an Excel spreadsheet. They have headings, rows, and columns. With more flexibility, they can be molded to address common project management challenges like:
Tasks: You can add tasks and subtasks quickly to create a project timeline and standardize your approach across all members of the team.
Document Management: Creates a single repository for all project documentation. Users can upload documents.