How to Implement Strategy [Video]

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This video is a conversation with Todd Williams about how to implement a strategy through successful project delivery.
We discuss how to keep connected to your corporate strategy, politics and leadership, and why project managers can be just a bubble in the bubble bath.
If you prefer to read, there is a transcript below.

Elizabeth: Hello, everyone. This is Elizabeth. Welcome to today’s Facebook Live session. I hope you can see and hear me. I’m just going to raise my questions today because we have a special guest joining us on the broadcast. Todd Williams, the author of Filling Execution Gaps, is our guest. This copy is still in its original plastic as it is a giveaway. I will tell you more about that later.
I just wanted to send Todd a message to let him know that we are live and that he can join me. Facebook Live works in this way: if someone is watching the video, we can invite them to join it. We’ll end up having Todd here and I will be asking him questions about strategy execution gaps and how all of this works.
Let me get my questions ready. To make sure we were ready for the evening, he and I had a chat earlier today. You might be wondering why I am doing my Facebook Live session tonight instead of Friday afternoon. This is because I am speaking at a conference on Friday.
Todd would like to be in my video. I will approve it and I will add him. This Friday, I will be speaking at a conference. I am not sure what the internet will look like from there so I wanted to make sure we had enough time to catch up with Todd. There he is. We can see Todd.
Todd C. WilliamsTodd, I’m just fine. It took some time for the phone’s to sync and all that, but eventually it was there. I’m here, and I’m live. We are on the same side as the meridian so it’s afternoon here, and evening there so we don’t have too much to worry about. I could easily say “Good afternoon” and I would be right.
Elizabeth: It’s eight o’clock at night, so that’s the end of my work day. It’s midday for us, so you’re enjoying the bright sunshine.
Todd: It’s midday. It is this afternoon.
Elizabeth: Brilliant. Thank you so much for joining us today. Although we spoke a while back, I didn’t give you much information about what I wanted to discuss so I’ll just speak for you. Now, I know that one of the things you have been doing in the group is going in and answering questions. We’ve had prompt questions about strategy execution and what people know about their strategy.
I was particularly struck by a story you shared from your book about an executive who didn’t get the information they wanted in a meeting due to the project manager. Let’s hear more about this.
Todd: Actually, that’s only the first of three perspectives. Project managers have their perspective, executive has their perspective, customer and user, whatever perspective you have for your project have a different perspective. They’re very different. I was just trying to convey the idea of what I felt many people have seen and felt. I’ve been there, seen it, done it. You know they aren’t listening, and then you give all the information. Then you feel like you did a good job but you answered the wrong question. It’s more than just delivering the message to the audience.