How to: Government Procurement for IT Training Subsidy via GSA

Over 40 million government procurement options are linked to more than 17,000 schedule contracts through MAS (Multiple Award Schedule). Eighty percent of these options are for small businesses. Although it may seem like a lot to find the right contractor, the MAS Program is an easy and cost-effective way to order services via the GSA eLibrary. These steps will help you get a subsidy to train in IT using Learning Credits.

IT Training Scope
GSA MAS offers a wide range of commercial services. GSA groups products, services, or solutions from the same service together to facilitate the acquisition process with a Special Item Number (SIN). The first step in procuring IT Training is to identify the Special Item Numbers (SINs) within the Information Technology Services (70). A SIN under schedule contracts works in the same way as a Contract Line Number (CLIN), under a standard contract. The SIN for Training Courses can be found at 132 50. To be considered within scope, your RFQ must indicate the correct SIN.
Acquisition Process for Services
Each acquisition cycle can be tracked using the MAS program. Schedule orders are the goal of acquisition planning.
Acquisition Planning as Required under FAR Part 7.105Market research as Required under FAR Part 10.001Communicating Need for Services (RFQ). Describe the WorkThe Office of Management and Budget and Office of Federal Procurement Policy mandate that agencies use Performance Base Acquisitions. PBA allows agencies to develop a strategic linkage with mission needs, increasing the likelihood of meeting them. This increases the potential for higher value and better performance.
NHDoD is aware of mission-critical training requirements and has executed a number training contracts using Bootcamp Trainingand Pass Assurance to ensure success. To simplify the process or to find technology training, consult a NHDoD expert.
Past performance, experience, pricing
GSA states that the following factors should be considered when awarding a task order to schedule services:
Past PerformanceExperienceReasonable PricingNHDoD, a division of New Horizon Learning Group, is experienced in Department of Defense training initiatives to assist in mission critical workforce development (View Past Performance and Experience here). You are also choosing to work with a Small Business that is connected to the communities we serve when you choose NHDoD.
GSA Contract Number #47QTCA18D0054 offers competitive course pricing per student.
In addition to being competitive against other approved contractors, NHDoD offers a subsidy through Learning Credits. Your commitment to a pre-determined amount of funding for the DoD training subsidy program begins with you placing it on an account with NHDoD. Then, NHDoD will add additional funds to your account through a subsidy. This will maximize your training budget. We invest in you more if you invest more.
Learning Credits PurchaseNHDoD Provided SubsidyTotal Training Budget$10,000$2,00020%$12,000$24,999$6,25025%$31,249$35,000$10,50030%$45,500$40,000+$14,000 (or more depending on the investment)35%$54,000
Simply follow these steps to purchase Learning Credits with NH Provided Support via GSA Advantage
Go to the GSA eLibrary. Scroll to: HORIZONS South West MANAGEMENT, LPthen Click on Name. Type in the box labeled “Search Within Results” – LEARNING CREDITS- then click GO. Do not hesitate to call if there are any questions. William Jordan is your point of contact – (714) 231 3190