How technology has changed the lives of our New Horizons family

Years are marked by highs and lows. Memories made in good and bad times, as well as personal growth and achievement. A Broadway musical asks “How do I measure a year?” In daylights, sunsets, cups of coffee, inches, miles, laughter, strife, and in cups of tea. In five hundred twenty-five million six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year in a life?
Sometimes the big things are the most important, while other times it is the small things that make all the difference. New Horizons Learning Group’s family has come together to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Our team gathered to discuss how technology has shaped their lives over the past 35 years. Technology has allowed families to grow in some areas. Martin Wuesthoff, one of our Technical Instructors, has adopted a child from another country. He says that this was possible because of the relationships he has made over the years with people all around the globe.
Others, like Sean McKesson, Sales Manager, recall going to university. He joked that he went in “with every intention to write essays in Old Leather Notebooks.” He now works with clients to offer computer training to assist on a variety topics to employee growth. He admits that he finds it easier to work digitally.
The advancement of technology has made life easier in many ways (even though some things become more complicated–how many connectors will we need to connect the TV again?). Digital storage makes it easier to keep records and communicate faster. “Research was available at our fingertips, and creating and editing documents was easy. I can still remember the moment I had to correct an essay using a pencil and a brush on a manual printer. Cindy Sutherland, VP for Career Development, said that she used to wish for a simple key to erase my stroke errors on a typewriter. New Horizons values simplicity and technology help us maintain that standard by making our communication efficient and quick.
The way we learn and teach has changed thanks to the internet’s reliability and technological advances. Barbara Duncan, Account Executive, points out that “learning online from the comfort of your own home is so amazing.” There are no excuses for not being an expert in any field one wants. New Horizons believes that. We use technology to teach technology and provide solutions for every student, depending on their needs. OnlineLive education is available for students who cannot travel to one of our centers. They can take it from anywhere in the world. We also offer On-Demand courses for students who are limited on time. Technology has revolutionized education, allowing for more flexibility and greater knowledge.
Many satirical comics portray smart phones and tablets as something that separates us and the rest of the world. However, many of our staff disagree with this view. Dan Miner, Resource Specialist, shows this by describing his relationship with his smartphone: “So many items are easier and more accessible now.” The biggest improvement is the smartphone. You no longer have to worry about finding a phone or missing out on important calls because you are away from the office.
“I have never lived in a world without technology and have seen it change dramatically over the past 25 years. I see children who can use a phone more than their parents. I can remember using a Thomas Guide to help me navigate to soccer tournaments with my mom. “Now we can ask Siri and Alexa for directions immediately,” Morgan Landry, Marketing Manager, explains about technology and how it has shaped her lives.
How has technology influenced your life or how has growing-up in the technological boom shaped your view of the world? It was dial-up that allowed you to access the internet. The sound of the computer booting up brings back fond memories. You can also remember the days before Google, when you could only access the internet through AskJeeves.com and Yahoo.com. The times have changed. There is now talk of virtual reality and cybernetic medical advancements that bring better prosthetics to people and provide sustainable solutions for the environment. It’s amazing how far we have come in just a few years. And it’s incredible to know that it’s not all over. Our world is constantly changing as technology is evolving.