Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security, and Security for Cloud Computing

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge DevOps professionals must have to approach governance, risk, and compliance in the cloud. This 12-video training will ensure that your requirements are clearly identified, and your solutions address them.
This is the CompTIA training.
The cloud is now a part of almost every aspect of business life. This means that governance, risk, and compliance considerations are more complex than ever. This Governance, Risk Compliance, Security and Security for the Cloud training will help you understand how regulations change once data transits to the cloud, even private clouds, and how to minimize your risk.
This two-part series addresses topics such as managing cyber risk and effectively demonstrating compliance. It also covers understanding regulatory requirements and deciding on strategies to manage risks.
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This series includes the following skills:
Cloud Policies, Procedures and Risk Management: Plan in advance
Cloud Security and Compliance Planning

This training covers the following topics:
Cloud Security and Compliance
Application and Infrastructure Security
Proactive Security Scanning
Risk Management

This training includes:
2 hours of training
12 videos

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