DigiSomni – ActiveCollab Brought Sanity To the Fray

Ryan Li is my name and I’m the co-founder at DigiSomni. We are focused on providing 3D VR solutions for businesses and communities of all sizes. Many groups and organizations can hold their events and meetups virtually using the open-source platform Vircadia. This is despite Covid-19. DigiSomni is its primary sponsor. We design, develop and create worlds that suit every use case.
There are many developers and designers working on our projects. However, we couldn’t accurately assign tasks or clarify what was already done. It was difficult to assign tasks and clarify what needs to be done. ActiveCollab brought order to the chaos and made everything clear for everyone involved, from the designers to the managers.
ActiveCollab’s #1 feature is its UI. It made everything easier in the worlds of management and forward-facing design. It helped to bridge the gap between developers and designers and the project at hand. It helped bridge the gap between developers, designers, and the project at hand. I have many projects to work on with clients from many different fields. For my varied time schedules, I need a simple interface that allows for advanced functionality. It’s simple when I’m on-the-go, but functional when I need. The Big Book of Team Culture
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