Connecting you to the Business of Tech: How do I navigate our new industry-focused website?

Connect.CompTIA.org is a new website that will help you navigate the tech industry. It will also allow you to connect with other CompTIA members, peers in the technology industry, and industry thought leaders. Here are some ways to find the events, groups, and networking opportunities that you’re looking. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make meaningful connections in a world where many human interactions are virtual and sometimes only temporary. CompTIA’s job is to help our members and the industry make connections. CompTIA.org is a new website that helps you navigate the tech industry, connect with peers in the technology industry, and learn from industry thought leaders at connect.
2021 is the year you connect, expand, and leverage everything CompTIA has for technology solution providers, vendors, technology consultants and other businesses. These are some highlights you won’t regret.
Expand Your Network
Access to people is one of the most important benefits an industry association can offer. CompTIA members come in all walks of life. They could be entrepreneurs, big tech executives, marketing and sales stars, or rookies just starting to explore the possibilities of a career within the tech industry. No matter our experience or expertise, there is one thing we all have in common: We want to improve our industry. To build these important relationships, it is essential to get involved and connect. CompTIA.org makes it easier than ever.
>>Technology Interest Groups & Communities
It is easy to get your foot in the door by joining one or more of our member-led communities. Find the group that interests you and sign up. It’s that simple. Once you are logged in, you will start receiving notifications about upcoming meetings and resources. You can also join the conversation immediately. Registering users and members can join our communities and technology interest groups for free.
You can learn more about the industry advisory councils if you want to delve deeper into member-led thought leader. These groups influence how CompTIA addresses key issues and opportunities in the IT sector. The Council members are appointed to serve as educators and advocates to accelerate adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions. However, members have access to the content, tools, and resources they create. >>Public Sector Councils
Many of our members work with government officials from all levels, including the federal, state, and local governments. This allows them to connect the tech ecosystem with government programs. CompTIA Public Sector Councils advocate on behalf of these folks to not only provide knowledge and education, but also to help build a network of peers, tech influencers, government officials and policymakers.>>CompTIA ISAO
Although our tech businesses may be diverse in scope and nature, we are all bound together by our need for security. There’s a place to connect for everyone. There are 24 groups to choose from. Find your place today.
Hone your Expertise
No matter if you are a veteran in the industry or just starting your tech career, it is important to keep up with the latest developments. To become an expert in any tech field, you must be committed to continuous and constant learning. Every once in a while, you are challenged by something new and you lose your expert status. It’s all part of our innovative industry, and we wouldn’t have it any other.
There is something for everyone at our events. These meetings, whether they are large or small, virtual and in-person, foster collaboration and learning opportunities. Connect.CompTIA.org offers every opportunity.
While you may be familiar with the larger events such as CompTIA ChannelCon in July, CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum in March, and CompTIA Partner Conference in October (CCF), are you aware of the smaller gatherings and educational webinars that have just as much impact throughout each year? Many of our 2021 events are virtual.