CompTIA’s newest certifications: CompTIA Cloud+ and Mobile App Security+

Did you know CompTIA recently announced 2 new certifications? In case you missed the news, here’s a quick recap.
CompTIA will be focusing on the most current technology trends this fall: mobile app security, cloud solutions and cloud solutions. CompTIA has just released two new certifications: CompTIA Cloud+ and CompTIA Mobile Security+ for Android and iOS. Today we will be focusing on these two certifications. We’ll be back soon with more information.
CompTIA is true to its philosophy and keeps its certifications vendor-neutral, but very relevant.
CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Certification was created to increase security awareness and preparedness among mobile app developers. The certification was launched with two versions of the exam: one for iOS and one for Android mobile apps (exams ADR001 and IOS001, respectively). There are 100 multiple-choice questions in the exams.
The exams cover the following areas:
Secure application development principles
Security models for Android and iOS devices
Common threats to mobile app security
Security models and vulnerabilities for web services
Secure coding techniques
Common implementations of cryptography
Encryption of communications and storage
Terry Erdle, CompTIA’s executive vice president, skills certification, stated that mobile apps number in the millions and are downloaded daily on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Security considerations are often overlooked in the rush to get new apps on the market quickly. We are aiming to get security back in the forefront of mobile app development with these new certifications.
CompTIA created this certification to cover a wide range of roles and jobs, including app and program developers, application development managers, and network security professionals. All applicants must have at least two years’ experience in application development.
Cloud computing professionals are the target audience for CompTIA’s Cloud+ Certification. It validates the skills needed to deliver cloud-based solutions.
Terry Erdle, CompTIA’s executive vice president, skills certification, stated that cloud computing is an integral part the IT landscape of a growing number organizations. “Cloud-based applications are increasing in popularity and network architectures becoming more diverse, so networking and technical sales professionals need to be proficient in new skills.”
CompTIA claims that 90 percent of companies use cloud computing. The number of cloud-computing jobs has increased by 30% in the past few years. This means that cloud computing professionals are in greater demand than ever. This is exactly what CompTIA hopes to fill with its new certification.
Erdle stated that CompTIA Cloud+ was created by the industry to address this shortage. It provides IT professionals with a credential which validates their ability and security to implement and maintain cloud technologies.
The exam covers the following topics:
Cloud concepts and models
Resource management
System management
Cloud computing ensures business continuity
CompTIA Cloud+ certification makes a great career move for network, storage and system administrators, as well as other technology professionals whose job responsibilities increasingly require the use of cloud computing and virtualization.
CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification requires that you take one exam. This covers everything from cloud terminologies and methods to implementing and maintaining clouds technologies and infrastructures (servers, network storage, virtualization technologies) to cloud security and virtualization.
It is not mandatory, but it is recommended.