CompTIA UK&I members Help to Put the Spotlight On Advancing Social Causes

CompTIA’s UK Spotlight Awards winners share their thoughts on what is important to them. They also discuss how increasing awareness about diversity and women is key to securing the tech industry. CompTIA’s UK Spotlight Awards are peer-to-peer recognition. They are given to young professionals who demonstrate leadership qualities in both the tech industry and their own communities. Each award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the tech industry and the organizations they work for.
Hannah Lloyd, vice-president of channel sales at inSOC, was recognized for her advocacy and dedication to advancing women in tech, serving as a role example, and being an exceptional leader in IT Channel. She was awarded the CompTIA UK Advancing Women in Technology Leadership Award.
Greg Jones, EMEA business development director at Datto, was presented with the CompTIA UK Advancing Diversity Spotlight Award for his passion, hardwork, and dedication to advancing diversity and equity in the industry.
Jones and Lloyd’s positive impact on others’ lives and careers and demonstrated commitment to social causes within tech are just two of the reasons they were selected. Learn more about these outstanding individuals within the CompTIA community.
A stronger sense of belonging
Lloyd has experienced firsthand the difficulties of being a woman working in a male-dominated field. However, she has not let that stop her tirelessly working towards her goals and inspiring others. Lloyd stated that it is crucial for young women to have a role model and that she hopes to inspire them to do the same.
At 26 years old, Lloyd was elected to the CompTIA UK&I Community executive council in 2017. She has since dedicated her time to helping global issues such diversity, cybersecurity, and women in technology. “I am the youngest chair in the world and the second female to hold this position in the UK. Lloyd said that she used her position to diversify the industry, increase women’s engagement and bring more women into the sector.
Lloyd stated, “Actively engaging women in industry to encourage them to participate in CompTIA community meetings, is so important to me. I am so proud to continue to help to not only diversify council but also to strengthen the networks, and sense of belonging among women working in the IT channel.”
Lloyd’s participation in initiatives to advance women in tech is admirable. She has organized, matured and run women’s networking drinks at regional events in UK and Benelux, and she is an advisor for Advancing Women in Technology Interest Group.
Lloyd was one of three women when she was first elected to the council back in 2017. Now the council boasts a 50/50 ratio. “I wish such achievements to serve to serve as a testament for women and girls that success is possible in every sector, even tech,” said Lloyd.

Flying the Flag of Diversity and Inclusion
Jones’s passion to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech shines through the engagement he has in the industry and in his community. He stated that he believes that all the small actions CompTIA members take have a positive effect on the technology industry.
Jones is a CompTIA member since 1999. He has held a seat on the UK&I executive committee, and is an active member in CompTIA’s UK Benelux Communities. Jones also serves as an advisor for AWIT TIG. Jones stated that being an advisor allows her to connect with women around the world to gain insight that will help broaden my work to promote diversity in the industry.
He is a CompTIA member and exemplifies what it means to be a CompTIA member. He gives his time to others and takes action for people from all walks of the industry. Jones stated, “Giving back to others is something that I am passionate about.” “I try to give back to the MSP community and add value in any way that I can.”
Jones has been a CompTIA event attendee and made introductions. He has helped bring many diverse MSPs into our community and is always promoting CompTIA’s diversity & inclusion efforts and looking for new ways to get involved.
Jones is a confident and strong leader who champions CompTIA and our efforts in diversifying the industry every chance that he gets. “I have seen the effect that opening up programs to CompTIA members without having to be a Datto Partner, supporting individuals from all walks of the community, and I have seen the impact it has had on their ability to offer incentives and programs to them, and I am proud to say that they have.