CEH Certification: Your Journey to White Hat Hacking

Ethical Hacking Courses can help you if you are interested in a career as a Cyber Security professional.
Organizations all over the globe are searching for professionals who have the right knowledge and skills to protect their networks from cybercriminals. However, Cyber Security is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. This gap in demand and supply is the reason IT Security careers come with a high salary. The first steps to becoming a successful White Hat Hacker are finding the right CEH V10 Training and passing the certification exam.

Are you curious about the roles and responsibilities of White Hat Hacker or Black Hat Hacker? Let’s find out who White Hat Hackers are, what makes them different from Black Hat Hackers, and why are they so in demand.
Difference between White Hat Hacking and Black Hat Hacking
The primary difference between a White Hat Hacker or a Black Hat Hacker lies in the purpose they hack into a network. Black Hat hackers are malicious hackers who seek to steal the data of organisations. Their goal is to harass an organisation and make personal profit. White Hat Hackers, however, are the true saviors of these organisations. They hack the network ethically and protect it against potential vulnerabilities. All organizations that have Whits Hat Hackers in the Cyber World need them.
There are many other ways to identify a White Hat/Black Hat hacker, besides Intentions.
Hacking tools and techniques
Black hat hackers are always innovating new hacking techniques. They are always ahead of the curve. White Hat hackers try to think like they do and use their techniques and tools in order to quickly find vulnerabilities in the system and fix them.
Legal Acceptability
Black hat hackers hack into networks for their own selfish purposes and violate the law. White Hat Hacking, however, is legal and ethically acceptable.
Hacking Permission
White Hat Hackers are allowed to hack the network. However, Black Hat Hackers can do it without permission and with wrong motives.
What does an ethical hacker do?
You will be highly sought after once you have earned your CEH Certification. A reputable organization will provide the training necessary to become a White Hat Hacker. These activities will help you secure and fence an organization’s network as a CEH Certified Professional.
Before hacking into the network for security assessment, get authorization from the organization
Identifying the scope of the assessment and informing the organisation about the plan in advance
Reporting security vulnerabilities and security breaches found in the system.
Confidentiality regarding identified vulnerabilities.
It is necessary to wipe all hacking related information to prevent malicious hackers from entering the network.

If you find these responsibilities enough to make it a career, then you should get your CEH certification. InfosecTrain offers CEH boot camp and online training courses to help you pass the exam. Information can be found at www.infosectrain.com