CCSP vs CCSK – Which one should you choose?

There is a huge amount of data workloads and companies are moving to the cloud to protect their data. Cloud-based databases are becoming more common in almost all companies. This is driving up the demand for cloud security specialists. This blog will provide a detailed breakdown of two highly recommended cloud security certificates that will give you a complete understanding and insight into how to choose the right certification for you.
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What is CCSP?CCSP Course InformationDomains in CCSPWhat’s CCSK?CCSK course detailsModules within CCSKComparing CCSP and CCSK Cloud security CertificationsCCSP vs. CCSK – Which one should you choose?

What is CCSP?
The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), a global credential, is a mark of high-level cloud security expertise. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), ISC2 created the CCSP course, and certification exam. The CCSP exam assesses aspirants’ cloud security knowledge and experience.
The CCSP certificate certifies your technical skills and knowledge in designing, managing, and protecting data, infrastructure, applications, and data in the cloud. It is based on CISSP certification and CCSK certification. It addresses the importance security professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge. The CCSP certification is the most widely recognized among all cloud security certifications.
CCSP Course Details
Experience: To obtain the CCSP certificate one must have five years of combined full-time, paid data innovation experience, three year’s of cloud security experience, and one month of cloud computing experience.
Exam FormatMultiple Choice QuestionsExam Duration3 HoursNumber of Questions125Passing score700 out of 1000LanguageJapanese & EnglishDomains in CCSPDomains 1 and 2: Cloud concepts, Architecture and Design (17%)Domain 3 and Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security (20%)Domain 4 and Cloud Application Security (17%)Domain5: Cloud Security Operations (16%)Domain6: Legal, Risk and Compliance (13%)
What is CCSK?
The Certified Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), which is widely recognized as a standard in cloud security expertise, provides a deep understanding of how to protect cloud data. The CIO magazine called CCSK the “mother of all cloud computing security certificates”. This is a fitting statement, as it helps professionals improve their knowledge in cloud security from entry to medium-level.
The CCSK certification validates individuals’ knowledge about cloud security issues. It covers the most important areas like cloud incident response, data encryption and application security. It also covers best practices for IAM. The CCSK certification will allow you to gain the knowledge necessary to create a comprehensive cloud security program that meets all global standards.
CCSK Course Details
Experience: The CCSK certification doesn’t require any work experience. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of security concepts such as encryption, firewall, security systems, and identity management.
Exam FormatMultiple Choice QuestionsExam Duration90 minutesNumber of Questions60Passing Score80%LanguageEnglishModules in CCSKModule 1. Cloud ArchitectureModule 2. Cloud Security Module 3. Cloud Security and Risk Management 4. Data Security for Cloud ComputingModule Cloud ComputingModule 6. Cloud Security Operations
Comparing the CCSP Cloud Security Certifications and the CCSK Cloud Security Certificates
Let’s look at the differences and make some comparisons between CCSP and CCSK.
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. (CCSK).ISC2, in collaboration CSA, organizes this certificate. It focuses mainly on cloud security and information safety.