2022 Project Management PDU courses – Includes Free Options

PMI requires PMP-certified professionals to earn 60 PDUs every three years if they have PMP certification. PMP PDU requirements are specific. Project Management PDU courses are the best and most cost-effective way to earn credits.
What should you know concerning PMP PDU
60 PDUs are required every three years in order to renew the PMP certificate.
Project Management PDU courses can earn all 60 PDUs
25 PDUs is the maximum limit for the Giving back category.
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Let’s now go through each one one by one.
PDU Courses in Project Management
Before we go into detail about the PDU courses in project management, it is important to know the difference between PDUs or Contact Hours. You must have heard both terms if you have already earned your PMP certification, or are pursuing it. PDU, short for Professional Development Unit, refers to an hour of work that you use to grow your knowledge and skills. To keep your PMP credential active, you must continue to earn PDUs after you have earned it. You will lose your PMP certification if you don’t earn PDUs every three years. PDUs can be earned by many activities. The best option is to take project management PDU courses.
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What are contact hours? These are hours spent learning project management education, which is one prerequisite to sitting for the PMP certification exam.
As we mentioned, to keep your PMP certification valid, you must earn PDUs. You need to earn PDUs not only for the PMP certification but also for any other PMI certifications or certifications issued by other certification bodies.
You may be wondering how many PDUs you need to renew your PMP certificate. You need 60 PDUs every 3 years. These 60 PDUs must be earned from Education or Giving Back. These are the two options PMI allows you to earn PDUs.
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What activities are carried out by the Giving Back category?
Giving back is about earning PDUs. You can make a contribution in many ways. PMI will accept Giving Back PDUs that can be earned by volunteering, creating knowledge, and working as a professional. Working as a professional means that you are involved in project management. However, you don’t have to be involved in all aspects of projects. You can be an engineer while also being involved in project management. You can also be a project manager or coordinator if you are currently involved in full-time project management activities.
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Volunteering is simply helping a non-profit organisation with its project management tasks. You can help them plan their projects, schedule their activities, monitor their progress, and so on. These are just a few of the many things you can do as volunteer.
Writing content is key to creating knowledge. This could include writing articles about project management or contributing to online discussions and forums on project management. It can also include teaching someone or creating a course in project management.
All of the activities mentioned above fall under the Giving Back PDU category. These activities can be done as many times as you wish. PMI has a limit on the number of PDUs that can be earned in the Giving Back program.