10 Best Web-Based Project Management Softwares of 2022

The Best Web-Based Project Management Tools
Here is a list of the top web-based project management tools.
Smartsheet Best Project Template Gallery

monday.com The best interactive and aesthetic UX

Kintone Best is a company that can help you create custom project workflows

Celoxis Best web-based project administration with accounting and financial services

Zoho Projects: Remote teams are the best

MeisterTask The best web-based project management tool

Kanbanize Best web-based Kanban Software

Hive Best web-based PM Software for Agencies

Teamwork Best online PM software to help marketing teams

ProjectManager Best PPM tool

Below is a list of the top 10 remote project management tools. It includes screenshots, overviews of features, and pricing.
Project managers who are unable to be physically present at work can use web-based project management tools. A robust online platform will provide you with the best project management software. It will include web-based resource management, timesheets and invoicing, portfolio management and project plans. You don’t have to be a helicopter manager. Instead, you can use web-based collaboration software as a bridge between your team and you.
This list of reliable, trustworthy online project management tools has been created to meet all these needs.
Comparison Criteria for Web-Based Project Management Software
Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Is it clean and appealing on both smart and PC? Is it easy for users to follow a task through the app, from conception to completion? Do unnecessary menuing and clicking get in the way?
Usability: Is it simple to learn and master? Is the company able to provide good tech support, user support, and tutorials? Web-based project management requires you to be up-to-date even when you’re on the go. Does the PM tool work with all major mobile phones (Android and iOS? Is the mobile app reliable and complete?
Integrations: PMs working outside of their office may need several web-based solutions. It is possible to connect the app with other web-based apps such as time trackers, workflow management software, or resource management software.
Value for $: PMs who are looking for web-based software often require more than one tool to meet all their requirements. Software options that are free or low-cost are essential. Is the web-based PM software affordable for users?
Key Features of Web-Based Project Management Tools
Accessible from any device with apps or browser access
Reliable auto-saving for all pages and works
Communication, messaging, and tagging built-in
Built-in meeting organization with note-taking and video conferencing integration
Calendars and scheduling made easy with adjustable permissions/edit accessibility
Access to the internet is available in offline mode for no-WiFi areas (ie. during travel).
Managers on the go: Time tracking and task management overviews
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Overview of the 10 Best Web-Based Project Management Tools
Here’s a quick description of each web-based project management tool on my list, along with screenshots to show some of its best features.
1 Smartsheet
Best project template gallery
Smartsheet’s web-based project management platform allows workers to report any issues via their smartphones using QR codes posted on job sites. Smartsheet’s project management features allow you to manage your tasks, track progress, and keep track of your project’s progress.