10 Best Visual Project Management Softwares 2022

The 10 Best Visual Project Management Software List
Here is a list of the top visual project management tools.
monday.com: The best free plan with bold color-coding for tasks

Wrike Best collaboration visual project management software

Bynder Best digital asset management for visual project management

ClickUp provides a hyper-customizable visual interface that allows you to emphasize what is most important to you.

Celoxis Best visual project management tool with real-time financial reports

AirTable Best for Integrations

ProjectManager Best looking customizable dashboard

KeyedIn Best to make charts pop

GanttPRO Best for building Gantt charts

Backlog Best for software devs

A project management system that works well and looks great while doing it is the best. Here are some of my favorite visual project management software and what they can do for you.
Visual flair can be a great way to quickly assess your progress on a task or project. Visual project management software can be used to quickly identify issues and highlight them with bold colors or graphics. It will make it easier for you and your team read everything so you can spend more time moving and less searching for information.
Portfolio management is another area of PM software that can benefit greatly from a strong visual approach. Every item in your portfolio will likely have its own style and feel, and your records should reflect that. Your project team will appreciate more than just a block of text to describe their projects, milestones and schedules.
This article will highlight the benefits of visual project management solutions, and compare them.
Visual Project Management Software Comparison Criteria
What are my criteria for selecting visual work management software to review? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI), is it clear and attractive in a web browser as well on a mobile app? Are real-time data and reports displayed in an appealing, easy-to-read manner? Can the dashboard be customized to suit different visual preferences?
Usability: Is it simple to learn and master? Is the company able to provide good tech support, tutorials, or training? Can employees from different backgrounds easily join the company? Is it compatible with an iOS or Android application?
Integrations: Does it make it easy to connect to other tools? Are there any pre-built integrations available? Is it compatible with any project management tool that you might already use in your daily work? Is it compatible with image storage systems such as Google Drive?
Value for $: What price is appropriate for the features, capabilities, or use case? Is pricing transparent, clear, and flexible?
Key Visual PM Software Features
Drag-and-drop visual organization
Colored labels (ex. For project status/progress/due dates, please refer to the color labels (ex.
Upload pictures
File previews
Client dashboards
Gantt Charts or Kanban Boards
Visual gamification of collaboration tool
Sticky notes and other note-taking tools
Charts and flows to aid in project planning
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Overview of the 10 Best Visual Project Management Solutions
This is a brief description about each of the visual project management programs that are featured on this list.
1 monday.com
Best free plan with bold color-coding tasks
Bold, loud colors are a key selling feature for their software development.monday.com is a bold, easy-to-use visual project management software that lets you view your projects, tasks, and milestones in a variety of ways–Gantt chart, calendar views, task lists, Kanban boards, and completion-level bar charts. Each user can create their own visual dashboard by using widgets.